The Rodney Dangerfield of the BCS Race

Arizona State, Boston College and Hawai'i have shared a lot in common this season: all three went into November unbeaten, all three have ranked in the Top 25 of passing offense most of these last 10 weeks, and Sunday all three dropped in the BCS standings. That's where the similarities end, because unlike ASU and BC, Hawai'i did not lose this weekend.

The Warriors had this weekend off in preparation for a big WAC match-up with one of the nation's top passing defenses, Fresno State. And while teams rated higher, like BC and Arizona State fell, the idle Warriors made no ground. Instead, they dropped from 14 to 16 in the most recent BCS standings, including being leap-frogged by three-loss Florida. The Gators catapulted from 20 to 15 in the standings by trouncing Vanderbilt.

In his press conference last week, UH head coach June Jones said his Warriors can play with any of the nation's BCS conference teams, citing Hawai'i's performances last season, with essentially the same roster, against Alabama and Arizona State: two teams ranked in the latest standings (22 and 9 respectively).

UH also dropped in the AP Poll (from 11 to 12), but gained standing in the Coaches' Poll (14 to 13) and the Harris Poll, which gave the Warriors the 10 spot. This is Hawai'i's highest ranking in any national poll ever, and bears significance because 10 is what it would take in the BCS standings to reach a BCS bowl.

But can Hawai'i get to that coveted number? The Warriors continue to beat the teams that challenge them, yet two and three-loss teams gain footing over them. With the three top WAC teams remaining on the schedule, including BCS No. 20 Boise State on Thanksgiving weekend, UH has opportunity to earn the respect of the nation.


Kyle 12 is all that Hawai'i needs in the BCS standings for an auto birth not 10.

Ah, but tell that to last season's No. 12 Arkansas. While mentioning it, No. 9 Auburn was also past up. Notre Dame the last two seasons was the only team lower than 10 to get a berth without winning a BCS conference championship, and of course last year's was with the new five-bowl system.

The BCS rules say that if a non-major conference school is in the top 12 then they are ELIGIBLE to be picked for a BCS bowl, not guaranteed. As usual whoever is going to bring the most money to a BCS bowl (Notre Dame) will be picked over Hawaii (fans probably will not 'travel' well). Have fun in the Hawaii Bowl Rainbow fans. Besides they won't beat either Boise State or Washington or either.

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