February 11, 2008

Clock Stopper in Knoxville

The rematch of last year's National Championship game between Tennessee and Rutgers was all that we hoped for. We had the tremendous atmosphere in Knoxville with a packed house of Lady Vols fans that were thinking pink. We had one of best performances of Candace Parker's career coming off a knee scare last weekend in Starkville. We had another great Rutgers comeback. And we had some home cooking by the Clock Operator at Summitt Court...that really left a bad taste in my mouth.

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January 13, 2008

How Important is a Shot Changer?

You're intrigued...I know. With the return of Sylvia Fowles, I thought it would only be fitting to discuss the value of shot blockers...or more importantly shot changers.

We are talking about a defensive post presence here. We're talkin' Fowles. She not only block shots...she changes shots...which I believe is just as good. I watch it happen week in and week out with Central Michigan. Don't ever underestimate the mental side of shooting. When our girls are confident (I.E. feel they can attack a team) we are at our best. However, if our girls are intimidated by a team or even a big post player...they start to change their shots. When you change your shot...your shot will not fall. That's what Sylvia Fowles does...she's such an intimidating force inside that players throw up junk against her...just so that they don't get their shots thrown and end up on SportsCenter...or CSTVcenter...yeah.

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December 17, 2007

The Four Key Statistics in WBB

Arguably the most important thing a head coach does is make big decisions. Who should we start? What play should we run? How will we stop them? Should I call a timeout? Who should I sub in? Should I offer her a scholarship? What should I wear to the game? Big time decisions.

Some coaches make decisions solely based on their "gut." Some make decisions based on statistics. And some use both. I'm not saying there is a right or wrong way to make decisions...however, I am an extremely analytical person. So I make my decisions (well really I make "recommendations" right now as an assistant coach...not quite a decision maker yet) based on statistics. But not just any statistics...I call them the Four Tenets.

The "Four Tenets" are the four statistics in women's basketball that correlate to wins. You absolutely have to look at them together. Just like any team...alone they mean nothing...together they mean everything!

1. FG% vs Opponent FG%
2. FTA vs Opponent FTA
3. Offensive Rebounds vs. Offensive Rebounds Allowed
4. Turnovers vs Opponent Turnovers

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December 10, 2007

The Best Freshman...You've Never Heard Of

This season we have some tremendous impact freshmen in Women's College Basketball. Maya Moore at UCONN, Angie Bjorklund at Tennessee, and Ta'Shia Phillips at Xavier are the three that everyone are talking about. But there is one that no one is talking about that everyone will know by the end of this year. This mystery freshman is Boston College's 6'4 forward Stefanie Murphy.

Some coaches are a little hesitant to play freshmen right away. The reasoning behind this is that first year players will inevitably make mistakes...and you hate to count on someone that might make a mistake that costs you a basketball game.

NEWS FLASH...EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES...even seniors...more on this at 11.

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December 03, 2007

Welcome To Court Vision

I'm Bill Ferrara and welcome to the right side of my brain. While science may tell me that I only use a minute area in the left side of my brain...I like to think that as a man working in women's basketball that my analysis of the game comes from the right side.

Just let me dream OK.

That being said, this blog..."Court Vision" (that you will all grow to love and hate)...will be my way of analyzing and sometimes venting about anything and everything in women's basketball.

Why should you read something that a male assistant coach from Central Michigan University has to say?

Quite frankly I don't know.

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