The Best Freshman...You've Never Heard Of

This season we have some tremendous impact freshmen in Women's College Basketball. Maya Moore at UCONN, Angie Bjorklund at Tennessee, and Ta'Shia Phillips at Xavier are the three that everyone are talking about. But there is one that no one is talking about that everyone will know by the end of this year. This mystery freshman is Boston College's 6'4 forward Stefanie Murphy.

Some coaches are a little hesitant to play freshmen right away. The reasoning behind this is that first year players will inevitably make mistakes...and you hate to count on someone that might make a mistake that costs you a basketball game.

NEWS FLASH...EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES...even seniors...more on this at 11.

Boston College started off the season with a 2-2 record. Their two losses coming to rival UMass and underrated Notre Dame. Murphy had come off the bench in BC's first four games.

In 20 minutes against Wright state she had 9 points and 7 rebounds. What a great game for a freshman!

In her second game against UMASS she again played 20 minutes and had 8 points and 7 rebounds. What a great game for a freshman!

In her third game (coming off the bench) she had 26 points and 16 rebounds. Um, what a great game for a freshman. Oh did I mention she hit the game winner at the buzzer? "No you didn't mention that," says intelligent Court Vision reader (speaking of intelligent Court Vision readers...I really appreciate you guys not calling my mom after last weeks column...though I think she actually was a little disappointed...Don't do it).

18 and 10 against Notre Dame in only 22 minutes. OK you see my point...well Coach Cathy Inglese did.

Since moving Stefanie Murphy into the starting lineup BC is 5-0 and I really don't see them losing again until ACC play. As a starter Murphy is averaging 23.8 points and 11.6 a freshmen. Now you look at these numbers and you think "Wow she's the next Courtney Paris!". Murphy is nothing like Courtney Paris. She doesn't look mean...she doesn't get up and just snatch rebounds in traffic. The ball just gravitates to her. She scores most of her points in transition and off offensive rebounds. She's not going to back you down and wow you with an array of post moves. Truthfully, I watched her in Northwestern's tournament and I said "This is the kid that's averaging 20 and 10?".

But then I noticed that Murphy doesn't run the floor...she sprints it. And she sprints it with a purpose...that purpose being to score a layup. She is such a prolific rebounder because when the shot goes up she is already moving to a spot with a purpose...that purpose being to get the O-Board and score a layup.

She's a simple player. She's not going to wow you with her style like Maya Moore. She's not going to wow you with her shot like Angie Bjorklund. And when you won't be impressed with her size like Ta'Shia Phillips. But at the end of the game when she has 28 and'll be wowed. She was ranked only 89th by coming out of high school. Just to give you some perspective...she was heavily recruited by Holy Cross. Tennessee, UCONN, and Maryland didn't come see her play in High School. Well they'll all see her play in March.


Stef ( HooooooooP ) Murphy has ALWAYS had that confident look on her face ( since 3rd grade LBC ) that she gets it, and,if and when she is not sure the hand goes up and out comes the question, that along with an AWESOME work ethic towards EVERYTHING that she did back then, and continues to do to date are just a few of the reasons that WE, who do know her will ALWAYS remember and continue to appreciate her as well as the efforts that she puts forth, those of you, whom do not know her as of yet whether it be as a PLAYER or a PERSON, will soon find out, that not only is she a pretty good ATHELETE, she is also a pretty TERRIFIC person.

Never a DOUBT in my mind that YOU would end up WHEREVER YOU wished to go !!!!!!! Mr.A

The Marylands and the UConns of the world did see Stef in club ball with her New England based club team. She was out on the national circuit since she was 14. And, Stanford wanted her to go out West. She played ag/st the likes of Ta'shia Phillips, Jantel Lavender(OSU), Tina Charles (UConn), Lynette Kizer (Maryland recruit-2008). And, impressed alot of folks along the way. The people are working to get it right in the prep player's rankings game -- but they missed on Murphy's evaluation (and so did those All American folks who wouldn't pull on two New England kids getting an invite in. Just because her final list was BC, Holy Cross, Richmond doesn't mean that the Virginia's, Notre Dame's, etc of the world didn't come knocking. This kid was staying East and wanted to play close to home. And, it looks like she made to right choice.

Steph (HooooooooooooP) Murphy
WE would like to CONGRATULATE
you on yet ANOTHER fete accomplished in YOUR quest to be the BEST basketball player
that YOU can be, once again
YOUR hard work and positive attitude has proven that if
you want something bad enough
it could very well be yours.



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