December 17, 2007

The Four Key Statistics in WBB

Arguably the most important thing a head coach does is make big decisions. Who should we start? What play should we run? How will we stop them? Should I call a timeout? Who should I sub in? Should I offer her a scholarship? What should I wear to the game? Big time decisions.

Some coaches make decisions solely based on their "gut." Some make decisions based on statistics. And some use both. I'm not saying there is a right or wrong way to make decisions...however, I am an extremely analytical person. So I make my decisions (well really I make "recommendations" right now as an assistant coach...not quite a decision maker yet) based on statistics. But not just any statistics...I call them the Four Tenets.

The "Four Tenets" are the four statistics in women's basketball that correlate to wins. You absolutely have to look at them together. Just like any team...alone they mean nothing...together they mean everything!

1. FG% vs Opponent FG%
2. FTA vs Opponent FTA
3. Offensive Rebounds vs. Offensive Rebounds Allowed
4. Turnovers vs Opponent Turnovers

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Bill Ferrara Bill Ferrara
CMU assistant Bill Ferrara gives his inside opinions on women's hoops.