February 21, 2013

CSTV's Extra Innings Rises From The Dead... and with my 20 Mondays column for the week.

This waking up some old ghosts for you?

Here's the deal guys, my CollegeBaseballToday.com site has been plagued with viruses this week. Can't do anything about it. These things just happen 'coz some fuggin' scumbags make it happen for no good reason.

So my thinking was, "Where can I post my work until the CBT site gets repaired? BOOM! It hits me. My long dormant CSTV "Extra Innings" website still exists and I still have the passwords for it. So here we are. THIS will be where my work exists until the College Baseball Today site is back up and operational.

Without further ado, here is my "20 Mondays" column for this week, including this pic:

(Oregon State players celebrate the extra inning win over UC Riverside)

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February 10, 2010

In case you have stumbled upon this, go to CollegeBaseballToday.com. Pronto!

CSTV was bought by CBS a few years ago and those suits at CBS finally decided to get rid of the CSTV network and website altogether and are now not even covering college baseball on the CBS Sports site at all. So yes, CBS has once again ruined a good thing.

Speaking of, here are the Top Five things that CBS has ruined over the years.

1- CSTV.
No other college based outlet had EVER covered college sports like College Sports Television and its website CSTV.com. Now, both are history and CBSsports.com doesn't care about college sports outside of SEC football and the NCAA basketball tournament.

2- David Letterman.
Remember how edgy and cool Letterman was at NBC? Now he's a sterile corporate type that's mildly amusing and oppressed by an un-funny, big brother-like network.

3- The NCAA basketball tournament.
When CBS took over way back in 1981, they sullied all the cool stuff that NBC had done for years, like the dramatic game calls by Dick Enberg, the insight of Al McGuire and the knack of multiple replays and sense of drama. After years of fumbling the shit away, they've finally got better at it, But it's still not quite there.

4- College Football.
All those years that ABC had it down pat with guys like Keith Jackson, Chris Schenkel and Bill Flemming and the Fireman's Fund Flashback... college football had a voice and was magical. Then CBS came along and gave us Brent Musburger and his "you are looking live!" bullshit. Luckily CBS has just one SEC game a weekend now.

5- 60 Minutes.
With their lack of scruples and sense of sensationalism, the original news magazine has become its own punch line with its forced perspective and lack of objectivity. Too bad, 'coz Dan Rather has gone on to much better things with the HD Network, now that he's free from CBS's B.S.

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August 11, 2008

Sunday Summations: Answers to the 64 Things that would happen in 2008

First, a quick apology and begging of your pardon. I've been a little buried in summer fun and frolic. Also, I've been doing a few football things for CBS, little did I realize they would want some pigskin stuff from me. But I'm not complaining.

So I'm about three weeks too late with this post-season report on the 64 Things That Will Happen In College Baseball in 2008 and how they turned out. I guess this is also a way to keep you interested in some baseball garb in the off-season as well. So maybe I'm doing you a favor, in a weird way. Speaking of favors, special thanks to Brian Foley and his killer site: thecollegebaseballblog.com. He was nice enough to supply my column with a link, since it's nearly impossible to find on its own right now.

So with all that, here's the evaluation to my 64 predictions. I'll give a "right" and "wrong" answer for each, just to let you know how good of a prognosticator I am - or how bad I am. Hope you enjoy. And don't worry, I'll write more as the off-season goes on.

Let's get a quick lesson in reminiscing first. Ahhh 2008, you were a lot of fun. How did you go so fast?

Now, enough of that soppy stuff, here we go Stitch-heads...

(A picture is worth a million words. Not a lot of things went right for Pat Casey and the title defenders)

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July 07, 2008

Sunday Summations- Some Post-Season Extras

Yep, it's up already. Fresh on the heels of the 'Dogs winning the whole enchilada, here's a look at Fresno State's version of "The Intimidator" they've already erected at Pete Beiden Field on the Bulldog campus:

It's now officially been 11 days since the 4th-seeded (in regionals) Bulldogs beat the 8th-seeded (nationally) Dawgs to claim the school's second-ever national championship. So really now, has it "sunk in" with you yet? (I always love that phrase.). Since then, Mike Batesole has picked up a couple of national coach of the year honors, Tommy Mendonca has already made some incredible plays at 3rd base for Team USA and most of us stitch-heads have wished it was still college baseball season.

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June 26, 2008

CWS, Day 12: In Pictures

Fresno State is our 2008 National Champion in baseball. I'm still trying to wrap my head around that one, but it's for real. The Wunderdogs rebounded from a crushing 7-6 defeat on Monday night to blitz past Georgia in two straight games, 19-10 and 6-1. So now the big brass ring is taking up residence with the pride of the San Joaquin Valley.

In the meantime, shut off the lights on the old man on the hill for another 50 weeks as the stadium known as "Mecca" closes up shop for college baseball until next June. Here are some lasting images from the final day of the (long) College World Series.

(See you next June Johnny Rosenblatt. I'll miss you.)

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CWS, Day 12: It's Fresno!


... and that ONE is Fresno State!
(Bulldoggin' it. The Fresno players show the hardware on the pitcher's mound in Rosenblatt after beating Georgia 6-1 to win the school's first baseball national championship.)

And you thought Oregon State in 2006 was shocking.

What the bloody hell is going on in college baseball these days? Four seeds winning the brass ring? Guys that hit .256 slamming home six RBI? A starting pitcher actually going more than seven innings in the CWS? A guy that went 0-for-4 getting named the MVP?

But amidst all the chaos, let me just say this: This is Steve Detwiler's world, we're just living in it. The Sophomore from Forest Knolls, California turned this into his own main stage tonight, tearing the cover off everything the Georgia pitching staff had to offer to lead his fellow Dogs to a win on this humid, sticky night.

Oh and I guess he'd go ahead and share the world with Justin Wilson too, since the Bulldog starter threw 129 pitches, giving up just five hits and one run and striking out nine in a dominating role.

In other words, it's just one of those nights that makes legends out of student-athletes.

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June 25, 2008

CWS, Day 11: In Pictures


It didn't look good early on - the weather that is. But once the rain began to taper off we were treated to one of the more bizarre games in this 2008 College World Series. Fresno comes roaring, and I mean ROARING, from behind to pull out a football-like, 19-10 win. So now we move on to a third and final game on Wednesday night.

(An hour before game time, the grounds crew was trying to soak up the lake that had formed on the warning track behind home plate.)

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CWS, Day 11: Fresno bites back


In the words of John Candy from Planes, Trains and Automobiles, "Oh, these dogs are barkin'!"

Did I not say in my preview with Doug Kroll that there's no way you should count out the Fresno State Bulldogs? No way on Eddie Albert's Green Acre should you. These dogs are doing more than just barkin', they're bearing their teeth and frothing at the mouth now.

Late Night at Rosenblatt Stadium saw the most unlikely of teams make a rather most unlikely turnaround in game two tonight, plating six runs in the 3rd, five runs in the 4th and four runs in the 5th inning to turn what looked like a certain defeat into a laugher.

Then again, if we've learned anything from this CWS, it is that you should never count anyone out.

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June 24, 2008

CWS, Day 10: In Pictures


You know it's a big event if luminaries like Warren Buffet, Nolan Ryan, Augie Garrido and Mark Richt are in attendance. So here's a handful of pics from the first day of the championship series (and what seems like the 27th day of the CWS in total):

(Warren Buffet and Nolan Ryan walk out of the hallway that leads from the press box. I think Nolan was actually there just to pick up the money trail that Warren was leaving as he walked.)

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CWS, Day 10: Fresno blinks, Georgia one game from title


After struggling through injuries and back-to-back games, you just got the feeling that there were only so many quality throws from the mound that Fresno had in them tonight. In the eighth inning, that proved true as the well ran dry.

For the third time in the CWS, Georgia made another comeback win a reality. The never-say-die Junkyard Dogs plated four runs in the bottom of the 8th to counter the three runs FSU had scored a half-inning earlier to pull out a W in game one of the championship series.

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