Sunday Summations

Not a bad weekend of action. Certainly some big headlines were made by some of the top performing teams. But it will still be all that much more fun when more teams join the fray next weekend.

For now, we'll take a quick spin at some of the top teams who's performances are worthy of mention here.

For the Top 5 teams of the week, read on.

Teams of the week

1- Florida State (3-0). Swept Tennessee by a combined 32-9.
Okay, if I had a current Top 5 nationally, the Seminoles might just be at the top. The pitch staff did a great job of quelling the Vol bats, particularly Bryan Henry and Michael Hyde. Question is now, how bad are the Vols?

2- Cal State Fullerton (3-0). Swept Stanford in three.
How do we know this means Stanford will probably go to the College World Series now? Because three of the last four years, the loser of this series has gone to Omaha. But this was a statement weekend for the Titans. Yes, they are not going away people.

3- Mercer (2-0). Won both games at Miami.
Ineptness permeated the Hurricanes all weekend as, apparently, the main reason the third game in this series wasn't played was because the grounds crew forgot to cover the field overnight. Never-the-less, will the college baseball world be talking about anything more than the Bears performance after this weekend?

4- San Diego (2-1). Won a series from Texas for the second straight year.
Once again, the Toreros pull out another big RPI-loving series win. Check back with us at the end of May to see how much this weekend meant to Rich Hill's boys.

5- Alabama A&M (3-0). Won the HBCU Classic in three straight.
Coach Jay Martin, also the school's Linebacker coach for football, had a hell of a debut, beating two Top 10 teams (Savannah State and Norfolk State) and also took down Florida A&M. Maybe Martin should be the full-time baseball coach only. Is it in the budget?

And now we point to Friday, where the greatest pre-conference road trip awaits as the Astros College Classic with Rice, Vanderbilt, Houston, Arizona State, Baylor and Texas A&M await. This should be a beauty. In other words, is it Friday yet?

Super Sunday
After watching tonight's Super Bowl, now I see why game three of the landmark Mercer-Miami series was cancelled. As I write this, Peyton Manning is raising the Vince Lombardi Trophy, Jim Nance's bald spot is getting bigger and the rain is still coming down in droves. Hence the rainout in Coral Gables. Unless it didn't start raining until later in the day and the groundcrew did, indeed, keep it from happening for good.

Quickly, here's what I found cool about the Super Bowl this year:
1- Tony Dungy is the winning coach. Love that guy.
2- Peyton Manning is the Super Bowl Champion QB. Still deserved the Heisman.
3- The Super Bowl was FINALLY played in some sort of football weather.

Now, a quick spin through the ad world on the industry's biggest night.

Best Super Bowl Commercials:
1- The "What would Carlos do?" Bud Light ad.
Carlos Mencia walks into a room full of his wife's friends and tells them one-by-one that his wife has told him that they need to "lose weight, get a modern haircut and stop messing with another girl's boyfriend." Show of hands who didn't laugh at this premise?

2- The first 15 seconds of the Snickers commercial.
After the two guys "shared" the snickers and nearly kissed, it got a roar of a response. But then it got dumb with the chest hair pulling.

3- The ads.
Survivor-like scenarios just go to show that our societal obsession with reality shows deserves to be mocked.

4- The spot.
Sorry, I'm a guy. I like seeing the chicks in the "marketing" department of those spots wearing the white tank tops. Not that it makes me go to that website or anything.

5- The E-Trade "Bank Robbing" spot.
Because we can all relate to getting taken at the bank.

Honorable Mention:
The Cadillac spot that ran before the post-game ceremony.
Mainly because it used the music track of The Teddybears (with guest vocalist Iggy Pop) song "I'm a punkrocker" For a conservative company like Cadillac to use that song was pretty damn cool.

Worst Super Bowl Commercials:
Thought this was gonna be a comedy commercial, but it never got funny. "For 100 free sales leads, go to" Everybody at the party I was at groaned in unison.

2- Chevrolet.
The one where all those different singing stars are crooning about Chevy in their different musical genres... just give up trying to look cool Chevy.

3- The Nationwide "Kevin Federline" spot.
Not that seeing him fantasize the rich life while working as a fry cook at a choke-and-puke fast food joint isn't funny. But this commercial reminds us that this guy is actually part of our pop "culture."

4- The ridiculous number of CBS promos.
Okay, we're beaten over the head with CSI, Rules of Engagement and Katie Couric commercials. We give.

5- The Schick Quattro Titanium
Just barely beats out the "Pride" movie promo with the guy yelling "on your mark!" with tears streaming down his face. E-gad!

Dishonorable Mention:
Any commercial that used animals talking. The Lions for Taco Bell, the rabbits and mouse for Blockbuster or the Gorillas for Bud Light, It's just not working anymore people.

Best special effects spot:
The FedEx "Moon office" commercial. Very nice spot.

Biggest disconnect of the whole night:
Prince halftime performance.
A dude named "Prince" playing a halftime show for a football game? Stick to your Vegas gig.


I truly hate to be a sour apple, but Winthrop did operate under a pretty severe home field advantage last weekend at UCLA. When you have to throw strikes down the middle of the plate, home run high, it becomes hard to win. I'm obviously biased, but its nonetheless true. As every great athlete knows, you have to overcome adversity and win in spite of poor officiating, but the NCAA D1 bigger schools have an extreme advantage. At any other venue, Wilson would have lasted into the eighth and even with a couple of errors, the game would have had a much different complexion. We saw the same thing last year at North Carolina, ie couldn't buy a corner or a knee high strike, let alone the "high strike". Again, this I know sounds like sour grapes, but as a previous advanced athlete in a different sport, you hold out hope for fair play. In any case, I do enjoy your commentary, you obviously have an eye for talent and the nuances of the game.

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