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Johnny Rosenblatt is my father. Shelley Smith is my mother. And I'm their bastard son.

That's why I'm here. That's why I'm the college baseball freak that I am. I welcome all you guys to join me in celebrating college baseball all season long.

This blog of mine is up and functional. Cool. Hope you guys and gals dig this. I'll try my best to keep it interesting, fun and informative all throughout the college baseball season. I'll probably do a lot of "off the cuff" type of things too - commenting on games, results, issues and anything and everything that comes to mind. It's pretty free-form type of stuff. So feel free to chime in when you want.

Again, all are welcomed in.

And just to put my editor and the CSTV staff at ease, I'll also try to refrain from using any of George Carlin's seven words you can't say on television.

Also, I wrote a "Hope List" for this coming college baseball season in my weekend preview article yesterday. Since this is a welcome to the season for my blog, I'll go ahead and re-post it here. Just in case you missed it. Should be a great season. Can't wait to see where it takes us.

Here's the Hope List for 2007:

- I hope another non-national seed wins the whole shebang in Omaha.
No real reason why, I just think it’s cool that the last three national champs haven’t been Top 8 seeds. Like to see the streak continue.

- I hope another team that is rated in the mid-30s in the RPI wins the national title.
Might as well have the RPI further exposed as a poor indicator of team quality. Thank you Oregon State.

- I hope to see Kellen Kulbacki play in person this season.
There’s only so much a stat sheet can show me about the James Madison prodigal.

- I hope another Kellen Kulbacki-type player comes out of the woodwork to be a national player of the year candidate.
It’s always fun to see a late-blooming, diamond-in-the-rough make a huge wave on the college baseball scene.

- I hope another new site or two gets a home regional.
It was massively cool that Pepperdine was a post-season host last June. Screw the big-money guarantees, the sport needs more of the unsung getting their due.

- I hope for better weather nationwide.
As an example, last year Maine had 12 games cancelled by rain or poor field conditions.

- I hope we don’t see another team that didn’t make its conference tournament field get an NCAA bid.
No need to further explain this one.

- I hope to see some kind of legislation outlawing 8-team, double-elimination conference tournaments.
The Big 12 showed us all a better way last year with its 3-game minimum/4-game maximum. Please take note conference commissioners.

- I hope to see some kind of legislation outlawing conference tournaments period.
Except for money (and we all know the evils of money), they’re needless. And the smaller conferences really shouldn’t hold them anyway. Just send your best team and be done with it.

- I hope every conference regular season champion wins its conference tournament.
Okay, I’m done bagging on the post-season tournaments out there now.

- I hope to be able to finally wear a long sleeve shirt at the College World Series again.
The last two years have been such broilers, dream weeks like the 2004 Series that saw the highest temperature reach just 83 degrees are getting farther and farther in the rear view mirror. Damn global warming.

- I hope every team stays injury free.
I’ve always held, as long as nobody gets hurt, everyone’s a winner. (Okay, now I sound like a soccer mom)

- I hope the Rice-Vanderbilt/Cole St. Clair-David Price matchup lives up to billing.
(Or Joe Savery vs. David Price) Don’t tell me I’m going all the way to Houston just to see one of those fireballers flame out in an inning or two. I know, it’s early season, I shouldn’t expect post-season form.

- I hope to find another college stadium, besides Tulane and Long Beach, that serves beer at games.
C’mon people, a dog and suds is as much a part of baseball as pine tar and spitballs. Only BYU should outlaw beer.

- I hope Tulane has no problems in its return to Turchin Stadium.
The re-worked Turchin is scheduled to open in April and it’s a great testament to the fan support of college baseball. I’d drink a beer to that.

- I hope the final game of the season isn’t decided by an error.
Last year’s outstanding College World Series finale shouldn’t have come down to a mistake. It was a cruel fate.

- I hope the Mountain West Conference finally starts to live up to its potential.
Of all the leagues that have under-achieved, this is the poster boy. Home to the best geographic locations (San Diego State, UNLV, New Mexico) and some of the best facilities (BYU, SDSU, UNLV), it would be a shame if TCU is still the only viable national player.

- I hope the Big South, Missouri Valley and West Coast Conferences continue to get the respect they deserve.
The WCC got three in the big dance last year, the MoValley had two teams reach the regional finals and two years ago Coastal Carolina got a No. 1 seed. So the tide is turning on these deserving leagues.

- I hope some of the officials who decided to jack with the baseball season start date are forced to sit at a regional in Baton Rouge or Austin when the temperature and humidity are both hitting 100, while up in South Bend it's a pleasant 80 degrees; then, think about who has the biggest weather disadvantage.

- I hope I don’t have to see another outfielder lose the ball in the sun while his shades sit on top of his hat.
They’re not a fashion accessory guys.

- I hope to see more white shoes in team uniforms.
I just like the white shoe look. It’s slowly, but surely getting more back into vogue.

- I hope to see the high strike get called more.
This one makes my wish list every year.


I hope UCLA upgrades Jackie Robinson Stadium.

Is there any reason for a team that looks ready to be a mainstay on the national scene with John Savage to be playing is such a sub-par facility? I doubt they could even get to host a regional there, even if they are #1 in the nation. I'll be there for almost every game anyways, but I'd love to see Coach Savage get the home he deserves.Any word on if they'll do anything? If so what will they do and by when?

I thought Annie Savoy was your momma?

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