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Virginia dominates and I win a trivia contest at Hooks Stadium today.

I've been to millions of college baseball games. But I'd never won a giveaway, a drawing or hell, even a game of bingo. That is, until today. At Hooks Stadium in Winston-Salem, my name was called out in the 6th inning as the winner of the Wake Forest trivia contest. I correctly guessed (yes guessed) that Tommy Gregg was the all-time hitting leader in Decon history. So after years of getting the Charlie Brown rock, I won a very nice Wake Forest T-shirt.

Gotta tell you though, UVa won everything else today.

The Cavaliers got a little angry from the 8-3 logging they took from Wake Forest on Friday and way-laid the Deacons by a 13-5 score at Hooks Stadium.

But if you're following this trek closely here, you'll notice that each game I've gone to so far this weekend, has been a no-mystery, over-before-it-started kind of game. So I can only hope that form doesn't follow again tomorrow when we trek over for the Miami-North Carolina game at Boshamer Stadium.

I've got my fingers crossed.

What I saw at Hooks Stadium today---
Brian O'Connor's charges put their foot on the pedal and never let off. The Cavs scored a run in the first, four in the second and seven in the fifth to make this one a no-brainer from early on. Clean-up man David Adams was pretty sick, going 5-for-6 and knocking in four. Lead off hitter Greg Miclat was pretty impressive too, getting on base four times in six trips, including three walks and scoring thrice. All-American Sean Doolittle was rather human, going "just" 2-for-6 with one RBI and one infield single.

Jacob Thompson, the Virginia starter, didn't throw too bad, going 5.1 innings, giving up six hits and five runs. He was hitting the mid-90s on the radar gun, but tired out pretty quickly in the 5th, allowing four runs. Three of those came on a wicked three-run bomb by Austin Jones.

I also got a chance to talk with UVa headman Brian O'Connor before the game. I love was he's done in the three years he's been in Wahoo-land, never winning less than 40 games each season. I'll type of the transcript of the Q&A sometime after the weekend. It was pretty cool to talk to him.

One other thing about Hooks Stadium. I like the joint. See, not all stadiums can be a brand spanking new venue that is shared with some AA baseball team. Something simple can be refreshing. The anti-corporate and anti-luxury box. So that's what Hooks Stadium is like. Full of chairback aluminum seating all the way around, it sits right on top of the field. Okay, so the mesh netting was a little much to look through for nine innings. But that's okay. The product on the field being damn good on most occasions is just gravy.

The games I should've been at---
Cal State Fullerton - 0
East Carolina - 2
Oh goodness! You've got to love the kind of rebound weekend the Pirates are putting together here. I have to admit, I didn't think a hole hell of a lot of them after they were run out of town in three straight at UCLA. But as Coach Godwin reminded me after Friday night's win, this is a marathon, not a sprint. And this is one of those weekends that could turn a season around. I mean Fullerton got just three hits on the night. Three. My.

Miami - 1
North Carolina - 3
I have heard a lot about Freshman pitcher Alex White of UNC. Today would've been a good chance to see him, as he went 7.2 innings, striking out seven and giving up just five hits. Strong work. Reid Fronk's first two at-bats is all the Heels needed, starting the game with a double and scoring in the first and then getting an RBI single in the third. Hopefully game three tomorrow is the best game I will have seen all weekend.

The worst uniforms in baseball history---
Looking at a friend of mine's North Carolina media guide today reminded me of something that I've been meaning to mention for some time now. Like I've seen in recent media guides from Arizona State, Pepperdine and now UNC, that rainbow striped look of the late 70s by the Houston Astros. Remember them? All three teams, as college teams are wont to do, copied the pros with that gawd-awful look in their own colors.

Gone cold---
- Louisiana Tech
Lost to Sam Houston State for the second straight day. The 'Dogs are 4-8 since February 21st and 14-11 overall.
- Winthrop
Lost to San Francisco tonight and they're 4-6 in the last 10, with Baylor (2) and Texas up next.
- Florida Atlantic
Lost in the cold air of Western Kentucky, extending the Owls on a 5-4 stretch. Game three is tomorrow and treacherous Troy visits next weekend.
- Vanderbilt
Okay, so at 17-0, we're knit-picking the Commodores here. But they've scored just three runs in two games against Illinois-Chicago. Where's the O?
- Southern Miss
It's sad when you say a team has gone cold by losing to LSU for the second straight day. That's the world we live in today.
- Cal State Fullerton
Second straight day of just three freakin' hits. The big upheaval in the lineup may be taking it's toll. That's what road trips will do.
- Miami
The trifecta of Weeks-Alonso-and-Raben has gone cold, causing the Canes to lose three of their last four.
- Florida
A second blowout loss at Texas A&M extends the Gators futility to 5-7 in their last 12.
- North Carolina State
The Pack is now 3-6 after a second straight loss to ACC bottomfeeder Maryland.
- UC Riverside
Perhaps the biggest mystery team in the country. The Highlanders are now 1-5 in the last two weeks, including two straight losses to Portland this weekend. Huh?

Oops. The Cat's Cradle got me---
Don't hate me for this. But after dinner at the Carolina Brewery tonight, someone twisted my arm (uh-huh) and I went to check out the famous Cat's Cradle in Carrboro. Durham-based street rock band The Antagonizers were opening for D.C.-based band, The Pietasters. The Antagonizers were okay, but they had this set-closing song called "B.C.S." which I couldn't really understand the lyrics for. But JUST IN CASE this was a song extolling the football bowl system, I made sure to give them the crooked elbow and yell "The BCS sucks" all the way through it. (They didn't hear me).

Then The Pietasters came on and opened with the Stones' "Let's Spend The Night Together" that got the place jumpin'. Their lead singer looked like a slightly pudgier Jeremy Piven and was a hoot to watch. Unlike the anger of The Antagonizers, they played more ska-type stuff that leaned toward the comical and fun side of things.

Lo and behold, it is now really, really late, so because of my foray to The Cat's Cradle, I'll have to end this summation of the day's events here.

Sorry, I wanted to get into a bunch of different things nationally before I ended this, but my eye-lids are becoming anvils. My bad.

More tomorrow.




Thanks man! That's awesome. Me and my friend were wondering what the "BCS" in that song meant. 'scuse me for being a newbie to The Antagonizers. As I stated, I only razzed about it JUST IN CASE it had anything to do with college football. Now I know it didn't. Cool.

Hope I don't get a steel-toed boot to the dome for it some day.

B.C.S. stands for Bull City Syndicate. The crew in which most of the band belong to running out of Durham


cHEERS, bohdan (singer)

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