Sunday Summations - The Dirty Dancing Ouch List Edition

Okay, so there are good weekends and there are bad weekends.

Since we dole out so many positive props with the Teams of the Week awards each Monday, I decided I'd take another Sunday to talk about some of the teams that had really bad weekends. Just in case you missed them.

So we introduce our Sunday Ouch List today for some of those teams with exceptionally bummed out psyches. You know, the ones that had really rotten weekends. Ummm... lemme see here, how bad of weekends were they? How about this? The only way these teams could have had worse weekends was to have their team buses play the special 20th Anniversary Edition DVD of "Dirty Dancing" on constant loop to and from the games.

So here's to the teams that put Baby in a corner this weekend.

The Sunday Ouch List---

- Cal State Fullerton.
Sunday result: Lost 5-4 at UC Riverside.
This weekend's sweep to UCR means one of two things, A- Fullerton might just end up on the road in June for the first time since 2002, or B- They are close to securing a No.2 seed at their home regional.

- South Carolina.
Sunday result: Lost 11-10 at Alabama
I'm sure you've all heard about this one already. SC races out to a 10-2 lead after their half of the 3rd. Then, the Carolina pitching becomes anything BUT the Cock of the walk (well, with eight free passes, maybe so). Bama scores nine unanswered runs to win. The Gamecocks went 2-3 this past week.

- Tulane.
Sunday result: Lost 8-4 at Central Florida.
The Green Wave is resembling more the North Sea - friggin' cold man. Today's loss means they've now gone 7-10 for the month of April. Their 55 RPI will surely plummet as well.

- Stanford.
Sunday result: Lost 8-6 vs. Oregon State.
There wasn't much flicker of hope for the Cardinal's post-season chances. But after yesterday's dramatic win, the gleam was back in their eyes. But in Skylab-crashing-down-to-Earth-in-rural-Australia fashion, today's loss puts SU at 3-12 in the Pac 10.

- Oklahoma State.
Sunday result: Lost 7-0 vs. Texas.
For the first time in the 26 years of its existence, OSU goes 0-3 on the weekend at Allie P. Reynolds Stadium. The Pokes potent bats ended up with only six hits all day. I wouldn't have guessed a three-game sweep here, especially after last weekend's impressive series win at A&M.

- Florida.
Sunday result: Lost 13-5 at Vanderbilt.
Alright, it was Vanderbilt they were playing, but the Gators sure could've used a W at some time this weekend. Despite their 3rd place standing in the SEC East, they are now 23-23 overall.

- Rutgers.
Sunday result: Lost 6-4 vs. Notre Dame.
A well-executed triple play not-with-standing, today's loss drops the Knights out of the lead in the Big East. ND took two of three in Piscataway. St. John's, who has won 11 straight, takes over first at 14-4. Rutgers is now 13-5, tied with South Florida.

- Richmond.
Sunday result: Lost 12-4 vs. Fordham
Lost two of three to the Rams, including today's ugly rout. The Spiders could've tied league-leading Charlotte with a win since the 49ers lost to GW, but those two are still on a collision-course for a last weekend of the season showdown.

- The Citadel.
Sunday result: Lost 10-4 vs. College of Charleston.
A bitter pill it is to lose to your inner-city rival. And even tougher when it essentially takes the Bulldogs out of the SoCon chase at 8-10. None of the three games were even close, with CofC winning by a combined 32-15.

- New Orleans.
Sunday result: Lost 3-2 at Florida International
UNO lost three straight, two by a single run to the Panthers. The Privateers were on an impressive 7-1 run, against South Alabama, Middle Tennessee and Florida Atlantic. But this weekend sees them drop to 12-9.

- Northeastern.
Sunday result: Lost 8-1 vs. Delaware.
The Huskies have been the biggest story of the '07 season in the CAA so far. But today's loss means they were swept in three straight (at home, no less) and fall to 10-10 and from 2nd place to 5th.

- Houston.
Sunday result: Lost 10-4 at Marshall.
I added the Coogs because Dean B. said I should (see "comments" section below) and he's got a good point. When it comes to college baseball and you see the word "Marshall" show up on your schedule, you should pull out a W, not lose two of three and see the distance between you and league-leading Rice shrink.

What I saw at Jackie Robinson Stadium---
Arizona - 5
UCLA - 3
Wow. A surprisingly well-pitched Sunday game. Go figure. This game came down to one huge at-bat in the top of the fateful 8th inning. A beauty of a showdown between Freshman Bruin pitcher Gavin Brooks and UofA three-hole hitter C.J. Ziegler. With men on first and third and two outs, Ziegler fouled off about 253 full-count pitches. Then, finally, Brooks grooved one that Ziegler got a hold of and deposited it into the Veterans Ground Arboretum beyond the left field wall.

Strangely, on the play, UCLA left fielder Will Penniall came charging in originally as if to catch a short fly ball. Then Penniall gave up the ghost and held his arms out to signal he'd lost the ball in the sun. Lo and behold the horse-hide landed about 100 feet beyond where he was standing. But the crowd seemed to believe his non-intentional bluff that this was going to be a can-of-corn fly ball, suddenly bursting into a roar when they saw the ball clear a couple of fences.

The Bruins couldn't mount a comeback and Arizona was able to salvage a win in the three-game set. But the Bruins still hold onto first place in the Pac 10 at 10-2. Arizona State's loss at Cal keeps them a half-game behind at 11-4. Arizona is still in third at 10-5.

On TV---
Florida State - 1
Miami - 7
The Hurricanes avoid the sweep and - most importantly - avoid giving up another sure win to the Seminoles. Friday, FSU stormed back from a 6-3 deficit with four runs in the top of the 9th (yes, another blown save by Miami's bullpen). Then Saturday, the Garnet and Gold scored six runs off of three UofM relievers. Today, it was a different story. David Guitierrez and Danny Gil combined for three innings of 2-hit relief to stymie any comeback hopes. Of course, starter Eric Erickson did his part too, giving up just one earned run in his six-inning run. Dennis Raben (3-for-3, two RBI) and Jemile Weeks (2-for-4) had effective bats today from the four-and-five position in the order.

- Interesting to hear the game announcers say that Michael Hyde had been pulled from the starting rotation for Florida State. Pitching coach Jamie Shoup said that he has been inconsistent of late. And today we got to see Dennis Rosen, the bullpen ace, get the start. He didn't fare so well, going 4.0 innings, but giving up five hits, four runs and four walks in 77 pitches to suffer his first loss.

- Hyde came into the game in the bottom of the 7th. First pitch? He hit a batter. Second pitch: sac bunt. Third pitch: a sharp liner to right field.

- Wanna know why the Seminoles are 39-7? Turns out that 40% of FSU's runs have come with two outs so far this season. That's clutch man. And that's what a veteran lineup will do for you.

- I was talking on Friday about how important a good-fielding pitcher is (in the case of Brian Matusz of USD). Today, in the 5th inning, a pair of errors from the mound for FSU allowed a pair of Hurricane runners to score. The U would eventually score five in the 5th and also saw Mark Sobolewski set the Hurricane frosh record of hits in 17 straight games.

- Pretty impressed with Miami's Eric Erickson, the Sunday starter. On 92 pitches, the Frosh went six innings, allowing six hits and one earned run to improve to 6-3. He also got a mean shaving cream pie to the face from Yonder Alonso during the post-game interview with the Sun Sports announcers.

- My favorite part about this game? Getting to hear the best P.A. man in college baseball, Jay Rokesch. His booming voice and cool delivery could be heard when the announcers weren't over-talking things. Great voice.

Referring back to the top of this column, you know that two hours I spent trying to keep an open mind by actually watching "Dirty Dancing" oh-those-years-ago to try to impress a girl? I want those two freakin' hours BACK man!

I'm still pissed about that.

On that note, G'night.


Add Houston to that Sunday Ouch list - The Marshall Thundering Herd did a number on the Houston Cougars. They were blown out in 2 of 3 games when they needed to win the series to stay in contention for a high enough RPI to make the regionals.

If you go to Purgatory, those 2 hours of watching Dirty dancing has to go as time served. Hope she was worth it.

Thanks Dean. Done and done. See above.


Strangely, on the play, UCLA left fielder Will Penniall came charging in originally as if to catch a short fly ball. Then Penniall gave up the ghost and held his arms out to signal he'd lost the ball in the sun. Lo and behold the horse-hide landed about 100 feet beyond where he was standing. But the crowd seemed to believe his non-intentional bluff that this was going to be a can-of-corn fly ball, suddenly bursting into a roar when they saw the ball clear a couple of fences.

Classic! I've seen OFers turn and give a courtesy run after a no-doubter as a way to show a little respect for their pitcher. Do you think in this case Penniall was dissing Ziegler?


To tell you the truth, it had to be a case where Penniall totally didn't see it come off the bat. I mean, he ran in toward home plate by 15 yards or so. Then held his arms out wide. Meanwhile, the ball landed way the hell beyond the outfield fence. As I mentioned, past the second fence that surrounds the Veterans Grounds arboretum. It was a magnanimous shot.

Thanks for writing Cool-Mo-Lee.


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