Sunday Summations - The It's-never-too-early-for-a-weekend-preview Edition

Pepperdine at San Diego.

What? You think it's too early to preview a series that doesn't start for another five days?

Sorry stitch-heads. You know there are no rules here. Hell, send in your own preview. I'll post it. (Well... if it's good... okay, and if CSTV lets me.).

It's just that today, I was able to talk to USD head coach Rich Hill (met with him before the Toreros game at LMU) and then made the drive up the Pacific Coast Highway to talk to P'dine's Steve Rodriguez (after catching the last five innings of the win over Santa Clara). They both touched on the upcoming showdown between the WCC favorites that starts on Friday afternoon at Cunningham Stadium on the San Diego campus.

Well, actually, Rich Hill wouldn't talk TOO much about it because he still hadn't completed the series with LMU yet. But I did manage an entire Q&A with the lightning rod of college baseball that I'll type up and post sometime on Tuesday. It was pretty freakin' cool too.

In general, Coach Hill was quick to point out that his team is playing its best baseball of the season right now. Yes, that means better than they were playing when they won a series at Texas too, which is scary to think about.

"Well lately, we've seen guys like (Jordan) Abruzzo, (Justin) Snyder, (Shane) Buschini, (Daniel) Magness - you know, the seniors - the guys that were supposed to get it done are getting it done for us." He crowed. "Now we've really got the whole thing going, our pitching and our hitting. The last three weekends, starting with Portland up until here yesterday - even in our two mid-week losses - we really played well. It's starting to come together for us at the right time."

Then I reminded him of their 5-1 start where they swept Cal Poly and beat Texas two-out-of-three on the road.

"Yeah. That's true. But we like where we're at right now."


And although I tried to talk to him about this big showdown with Pepperdine next week, Coach Hill barely bit on it, knowing he had game three vs. LMU about an hour away.

"Well, I'm trying to stay in the moment here, but you know, next weekend - not that I really wanna talk about it much - we've got Matusz vs. Enright on Friday... that's a bitchin' day."

(Love the phrasing coach. And it's so true.)

Coach Rodriguez had an interesting tilt on the upcoming matchup that I wasn't aware of. He alluded to the multiple distractions that would befall his team this week as they prepare for the biggest weekend of the season.

"Well, what a lot of people don't realize about Pepperdine is that we've got finals starting this week. We've got graduation on Saturday and there's a lot of things to work out. Like some of these guys have got to get out of the leases of their apartments, move their stuff out and the funny thing is, you can say it's not that big of a deal, but it really is. It's a big distraction."

With starters like future pros Barry Enright and Brett Hunter on the mound, I'm not sure USD is sparing too many tears for the Waves busy schedule off the field this week. Even Coach Rodriguez admits, after the games kick in and the weekend is over, the road will get better for his Waves.

"This weekend will be rough, not only because we're playing a great team, but because of everything else going on. However, once we get through that, this team really flourishes, because all we do is show up on campus and play baseball. No more exams. No more classes."

And it's true this won't be a conventional weekend between the two teams. With Pepperdine's graduation ceremonies on Saturday, the weekend itinerary will look like this for the Waves:

Bus down to San Diego Friday morning.
Game One, Friday, 3pm at San Diego.
Bus back home to Malibu Friday night.
Graduation Saturday at Noon in Malibu.
Bus down to San Diego early, early Sunday morning.
Game Two, Sunday, 1pm at San Diego.
Stay Sunday night in San Diego.
Game Three, Monday, 3pm at San Diego (CSTV).
Bus back up to Malibu Monday night.

"It's going to be a weird week, but the truth is we still have to play well. But we've put ourselves in a pretty good position no matter what happens after this coming weekend." Coach Rodriguez continued. "I mean, it's a very important series in regards to the conference and everything, but I really do believe in the future of this team. We're going to be fine no matter what happens down there."

As for facing off with the potent USD offense, Rodriguez was frank in his response, "As long as our pitchers are throwing strikes - which has been an issue lately - we're gonna be okay."

Rodriguez has shifted his starting rotation around lately, moving former bullpen ace-turned-Saturday starter Brett Hunter to the Sunday starter slot and making Robert Dickman the Game Two hurler.

"To tell you the truth, moving Dickman to the second starter spot has been a little easier on us because he's been able to go a little longer in games. For the most part, I don't know if there's any right way or wrong way to go about it."

And I loved his closing line in reference to his pitching staff and their strikes location, "Honestly, whoever throws LOW strikes is my favorite player on the team right now."

Here's how the mound matchups look---
Pepperdine - Barry Enright (10-1, 1.58, 9BBs) vs.
San Diego - Brian Matusz (8-2, 2.57, 127Ks)

Pepperdine - Robert Dickman (5-2, 3.72) vs.
San Diego - Josh Romanski (7-1, 2.33)

Pepperdine - Brett Hunter (6-3, 3.67, opp/BA .222) vs.
San Diego - Matt Couch (6-2, 3.81)

Pepperdine team pitching - 3.23ERA, 265Ks, 158BBs
San Diego team pitching - 3.43ERA, 385Ks, 128BBs

Here are the top hitters for each team---
- Pepperdine (team BA of .315):
Adrian Ortiz - .395, 13-14SBs
Danny Worth - .373, 18 2Bs
Donald Brown - .355, 31BBs
Eric Thames - .310
Luke Salas - .301, 12 sac hits

- San Diego (team BA of .311):
Justin Snyder - .363
Jordan Abruzzo - .333-8-51
Shane Buschini - .329-11-45
Josh Romanski - .325
Sean Nicol - .315
Logan Gelbrich - .306, .992 fielding%

In my warped, college baseball addicted life, Friday can't get here soon enough man. This should be wicked-cool.

Sweet sweeps---
These Top 30 teams went on to finish out unbeaten weekends on Sunday. All are now Team of the Week candidates.

Tennessee - 6
Vanderbilt - 7
'Dores score in bottom of 9th to go 3-0 on rivals by a combined winning margin of four runs.

Central Florida - 0
Rice - 8
Savery, Bramhall and Lonergan combine on one-hitter for the Owls.

UNLV - 2 0
Oregon State - 10 7
Beavs outscore Rebs 20-3, giving up only 13 hits, three for extra bases.

UL-Lafayette - 6
Arizona State - 9
Unlike first two days, Devils trailed here, but scored four in 8th to sweep a good team.

Wichita State - 11
Missouri State - 6
Shocks are Red Sox-like, smashing five dingers, two by Danny Jackson to improve to 34-9. (Sorry for the play-for-pay reference here)

Pacific - 1
Cal State Fullerton - 12
Evan McArthur is injury-free and swinging-free too, going 6-for-11 with five RBI and two homers in three games.

North Carolina State - 3
Georgia Tech - 7
A sweep of the No. 20 team in the country officially signals that the Bees are back.

VMI - 3
Coastal Carolina - 12
Should we be more impressed with CCU? Or admonish VMI? Chris Raber raps out HR No.14.

San Diego - 10
Loyola Marymount - 3
Coach Hill told me before the game his Toreros were playing their best ball of the season. Here's exhibit A.

Houston - 6
Tulane - 4
After seeing both teams play this year, I thought all along that UofH was better than its record and Tulane wasn't as good as its record. Voila'.

Ahhhhh. You've got to love college baseball Sundays---
Illinois - 12
Iowa - 17
32 combined hits
12 combined walks
12 combined pitchers used
3:33 game duration.

Oklahoma State - 12
Texas A&M - 11
26 combined hits
14 combined walks
15 combined pitchers used
3:58 game duration
Note: OSU scores four in 8th and 9th to pull out huge win.

North Carolina - 10
Florida State - 6
30 combined hits
13 combined walks
9 combined pitchers used
3:47 game duration
Note: I'm sure Mike Martin used every one of his alloted slow-paced walks to the mound for his six pitching changes.

Charleston Southern - 7
Winthrop - 14
35 combined hits
8 combined walks
10 combined pitchers used
3:30 game duration

UC Riverside - 11
Cal Poly - 10
27 combined hits
8 combined walks
9 combined pitchers used
3:48 game duration
Note: with two losses to UCR, Cal Poly falls out of 1st in the Big West at 8-4. Fullerton is 7-2.

Akron - 15
Bowling Green - 16
38 combined hits
15 combined walks
11 combined pitchers used
3:11 game duration
Note: Given the above stats, I can't believe this game didn't go longer.

Buffalo - 13
Ohio - 10
25 combined hits
18 combined walks
11 combined pitchers used
3:55 game duration
Note: No truth to the rumor that the Bulls wanted to suit up Turner Gill to pitch.

Stanford - 5
California - 13
34 combined hits
4 combined walks
10 combined pitchers used
4:02 game duration

And the king of pain:
Southeast Missouri - 16
Austin Peay - 14 (12inns)
43 combined hits
11 combined walks
15 combined pitchers used
5:07 game duration
Note: That pitchers used total is not a typo.

And the king of pain double-header for all of Sunday:
Air Force - 1 0
San Diego State - 4 31
47 combined hits
11 combined walks
12 combined pitchers used
5:30 games duration
Note: After it gets to something like, say... 20-0, don't you just call the game?

St. Peter's - 3
LeMoyne - 4 (10inns.)
MY Peacocks get swept by second place LeMoyne in MAAC play this weekend. SPC has now lost five straight and falls to below .500 at 17-20/7-7 in MAAC play. Obviously the Dolphins cheated, big time!

On that depressing note, I'll call it a night. Great weekend of games, for the most part. Hope you were able to get out and take a game or two in this weekend. Especially since Mother Nature finally got out of her pissy mood and let the games take place in each section of the country.

Oh, speaking of Mother Nature. Today is the 37th anniversary of Earth Day. Be as good as you can to our planet. It doesn't have a lifetime warrantee or anything. And just who DID kill the electric car anyway? Those bastards.

It's late. Wake me when it's Friday.



The Pepperdine-San Diego series sounds great, but what about UCLA-Arizona? A matchup of 2 of the top 3 Pac 10 teams, including the conference leader in UCLA. Any chance you'll make it to Jackie Robinson Stadium this weekend for one of the games? Maybe Saturday while San Diego and Pepperdine take the day off?

Oh don't worry Ryan, that series is totally on my radar as well. I'm sure I'll get out to JRS for one - maybe two - of them. That'll be huge. Just thought I'd give a little mid-major love to the WCC boys though.


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