Sunday Summations - The New "Rosenblatt" Edition

So Omaha is looking into building a new downtown stadium now, huh? (Roll the eyes, give that dismissive look) Well, here we go again. Over the years, I've heard this bandied about time and again. However... (stop and raise an eyebrow) this time, this magical edifice won't just be a new stadium. Tah-dah! It's going to be a stadium with Metamorpho-like qualities.

This newest iteration will reportedly be an 8-9,000 seat joint when the Royals or Creighton Bluejays play there. But - and here's the rub - now it will also "expand" to 20,000 or so when the big circus called the College World Series comes to town. Hmph.

Okay, so this sounds a bit more legit. 'Bout time you guys got serious here. If you haven't heard anything about it, or in case you didn't see Jeremy Christiansen's comment on the Saturday Statements column, here's the link to read up about it:

Now for the good and bad of a new stadium/razing Rosenblatt.

The Good of it:
- If it helps keep the CWS in Omaha, I'm for it. Kicking and screaming, sure. But I'm for it.
- The society of sports is obsessed with new stadiums, so Omaha might as well fall in line.
- The parking situation would surely improve, beating that mile-long walk to the stadium on some days.
- No more narrow, clogged grandstand walkways, cramped concession areas and corrugated metal grandstands.
- My God! No more slow-as-molasses media elevator. Thank you.
- Creighton gets a sparkling new home, helping with recruiting and elevating the program. Bitchin'.
- Teaming with the Qwest Center, this will give Omaha first-class facilities in an area of town that was formerly a wasteland.

The Bad of it:
- It's Rosenblatt man. C'mon, you kiddin' me? Can't get rid it.
- Rosenblatt is iconic. Every college baseball fan recognizes this place as Mecca for as long as anyone remembers.
- The society of sports is obsessed with new stadiums, so why should Omaha simply fall in line like lemmings?
- The Desert Dome and Henry Doorly Zoo are a wicked-cool backdrop to the stadium.
- That part North of downtown Omaha isn't exactly Whoville. Your car will be more in jeopardy and walking to it late at night after games becomes dicier.
- Some damn corporate giant will probably come along and slap its name on the new stadium.
- Watching the transformation of seeing Rosenblatt evolve from "The Dump on the Hump" to the sparkling gem it is now throughout my lifetime, makes it soooo cool.
- If they dare eliminate the beer gardens around the stadium, then I'm not for it.

The Ouch List for Sunday, May 6th---
I know, it's exams time for some teams, this is where the season becomes a grind and injuries are tearing continuity into confetti on most teams. Well, we still have to have an Ouch List. Just know that everyone deserves one mulligan on late season weekends. But here are a baker's dozen of today's more crushing losses and what they mean.

- Texas.
Today: Lost 5-4 vs. Missouri.
Losing two of three to Missouri at home? Pffffew! I don't think this effects their National seeding possibilities though. Just don't let it happen again Horns. And besides, as you might've seen in Glenn Tanner's blog, Coach Garrido stated flatly, "We're going to win the Big 12." Okay, no prob.

- Arkansas.
Today: Lost 5-3 vs. LSU.
Not only do the Hogs lose this home series in front of record crowds, they didn't even get that sure win from Nick Schmidt either. Oy vey! Jared Bradford improves to 10-2 with the win for a steadily improving Tiger squad.

- Clemson.
Today: Lost 8-6, Won 7-6 vs. Boston College
CU allows BC to score three runs in the 9th inning to lose game one, then barely escapes game two. If this is any indication, the Tigers upcoming weekends at Florida State and at North Carolina State may be ugly.

- Cal State Fullerton.
Today: Lost 7-6 vs. UC Santa Barbara
Man, I don't know what to say about the Titans... I mean all my Titan friends will get pissed at me. But this team is hurtin'. Losing two of three to UCSB buries them in 5th place in the Big West.

- Minnesota.
Today: Lost 6-5 (10inns) vs. Northwestern
With Michigan losing twice this weekend, the Gophers had a chance to make up ground on the Big 10 leaders. But today's shocking loss to last place Northwestern keeps them spinning their wheels. It will also drag down their previously-stellar RPI.

- Ohio State.
Today: Lost 7-5 vs. Michigan State
I really love the fact that over 3,000+ fans showed up for each day at Bill Davis Stadium. Hate the fact that this team should be doing so much better than losing to a team near the bottom of the conference. At in front of all those fans too. Tsk tsk.

- Nebraska
Today: Lost game three vs. Coastal Carolina to rain.
Nebraska could've used this third game against the Chanticleers. Then again, if they played like they did on Friday and Saturday, maybe it was just as well. The legitimacy shot was harsh.

Today: Lost 16-0 vs. California
This one was ugly, sure. But I still had hesitations of putting the Bruins on the Ouch List. Especially since they still lead the Pac 10 at 12-3, though just by a game over ASU now.

- Central Michigan
Today: Lost 3-2 at Eastern Michigan
Losing two of three to EMU this weekend means that the Eagles are percentage points ahead of the Chips in the Western Division. And this is huge because the MAC regular season champ gets to host the post-season tournament.

- Western Carolina.
Today: Lost 6-3 vs. Appalachian State.
The Catamounts only lost one game this weekend, but it will still hurt the RPI (coming in at No. 49). The mid-week ahead offers a chance at redemption with two games at Ohio State .

- Louisiana-Monroe.
Today: Lost 11-9 vs. Louisiana-Lafayette
This weekend was as complete of a disaster as their new "WarHawks" nickname. Two weeks ago, UL-M had a 13-7 mark and was in striking distance of the top of the Sun Belt. But they've gone 1-5 since, including the sweep at home to UL-L.

- Troy.
Today: Lost 8-2 at Arkansas-Little Rock.
Another Sun Belt disaster. This time it was a three-game sweep at last place UA-Little Rock, knocking the Trojans out of second place. My gawd! That's nasty.

- Coppin State.
Today: Lost 9-4 at North Carolina A&T.
I'm in distressed sorrow over this. Sadly, CSU ends their 2007 season with an 0-44 record.

Enough for now. See you tomorrow when the Teams of the Week are praised.



No ouch for Michigan in their double header sweep at the hands of Illinois at home no less? How bad could this hurt Michigan's RPI?

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