CWS: Monday morning obs

Quickly here. My top five quick-hits before I head out to Rosenblatt---

1- Richard Justice is now my freakin' hero.
Go to the following link and pan down a bit to his live blogging he's doing from the College World Series:

Yes, he's blogging live anyway. Damn the torpedoes. Damn the NCAA. That's SOOOOO punk rock man. I dig it.

2- This damn howling South wind has GOT to stop!
As I stated in the studio before last year's CWS, no park in the country plays more to the weather than Rosenblatt. It sits on a hill, so it's very subject to the winds. When it's warm, and the wind is blowing in from the South straight out to left or center field, gorilla ball thrives and college baseball starts to look more like Arena Ball. Plus it also keeps the temperatures in the 90s. Which sucks.

3- Rice is in the driver's seat, just like last year.
But as you might remember, the Owls went a scoreless 0-2 vs. Oregon State after winning their first two. This time is different. As Joe Savery said in the post-game press conference yesterday, "Last year we were kind of lucky to be 2-0. But this time we're playing much better in these two games."

4- The beer gardens are still thriving around Rosenblatt.
Luckily, I haven't noticed much difference in the amount of beer gardens in the area. I was afraid the NCAA was going to make a noticeable crack-down. But they haven't. My favorite beer garden, DJ's Dugout, is still there. It's the one with cold-blowing A/C and free peanuts. YES!!!

5- Is it just me, or are tattoos becoming the new belly-button?
This is a fad that really should stop. When sorority girls are getting tramp stamps above their butt cracks, that's when I knew tattooing had gone too far. Here in Omaha, with the hot weather, it's like we're seeing a whole host of customers in a bad reality show called "Omaha Ink." Weak everyday people with poor choices of body scarring. Tattoos are fine, but only for sailors and punkers.

(Tattoo overload, bro! But check out the guy on the left who evidently shaved his arm around his cross tattoo. Nice touch dude.)


I just stumbled onto this page by accident. And this is the most interesting post Ive ever seen. What century do you live in dude? Sailors and punks? And, well, you're probably right about peoples "self expression" with going overboard on tattoos. Especially your own. Because Psychology 101 tells us that heavy tattooing and scarring is a mirror into deviant social behavior, brought on by poor parenting and societal anger. And then to make fun of the normal looking dude in the back with the tat. Personal touch? ha. He probably just got that tattoo recently since you need to be shaved for a tattoo. This guy would probably think a tattoo parlor is a bonding experience with his son. There's been some physical/psychological abuse in the past there. Anyway, be more open, because though your words are spot on, they need leave a more positive message on society.

I love tattoo's and I've been raised in a military family. I don't thing you can sterotype tattoo'sand the people that have them like that. My dad has tattoos and has no problem with me getting them. I love my family to death, and I was raised in a strict military/ british household, so theres flaws in your statement how ever bais or what have you your information may be.

Cheers guys.

I have to say, the initial comments made by the author who posted this ever so "enlightened" outlook on tattoos is extremely myopic, misrepresentative and unjustified.

To associate "weak everyday people" with tattoos or tattoo culture exposes a very unworldly and somewhat misanthropic mindset stemming form a misplaced sense of self importance. Some of my best friends, who are upstanding hard working folks, have tattoos and I suppose they might have an opinion regarding someone who makes broad generalizations from the safety of their home (or work) computer.

And I would laugh my face of if you made the same claims face to face with some of the brave men and women who serve this country who just so happen to have ink (as many of my friends in uniform do) or to some "punkers" who would be more than glad to give you their opinion(s) on you. More importantly, I would laugh my face off if you said that to me, as I have tattoos that I�m 100% proud of displaying them on my skin.

Oh, and to the other genius who used Psychology 101 to make the claim that people who have ink scar themselves for the sole purpose of being socially deviant should probably make it to "Psychology 102" before embarrassing themselves online with such assertions. I love the fact that you two upstanding citizens seem to think that people must share the same motives in choosing to adorn their bodies.

And while I did not particularly enjoy the tattoos displayed in these photos, I wouldn�t be as insensitive as to slander these dudes in a public forum. If you find something as innocuous as tattoos offensive, you may as well lock yourself inside the confines of your house because it�s a big scary world out there.

Ya punks and sailors. I've got sleeves. Does that make me a punk? My tattos are all Christian based and express my faith. Youre just a pussy with a computer who would never have the balls to sit through a tattoo. Keep your out of date, pompous, pussy ass comments to yourself. Peace

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