CWS: Sunday morning notes

Various other notes and stuff I wanted to include somewhere:

Traffic worsens---
Dear CWS traffic planning committee, you've failed miserably.
I don't know what new traffic patterns they've instituted this year, but getting in and out of the ballpark has been much more hellish. Even upwards of two hours before the games (when it used to be a straight shot into the stadium parking lot, no problem), you're sitting in a line of cars that would make the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles proud.

And getting out after the game has become markedly worse as well. At this point, I'm ready to go ahead and give that new stadium in downtown the full two thumbs up, because the traffic HAS to be better coordinated than this.

Another reason the new stadium can't get here soon enough: slow walking people---
Though I love Rosenblatt, walking around the thin walkways and crowded concession areas is like walking through a Vegas casino, full of slow-meandering people who you can't possibly walk around. The worst part was the unfortunate seats I had yesterday, in the front row of the upper section where people walked (and stopped) right in front of you as the game was going on. The first few rows of the stadium should be elevated above the walkways. The other upshot of all this is, if you have to get from one side of the stadium to the other quickly, you're screwed.

Fight Songs---
Something they've started doing the last few years is playing the school fight song after every time a team scores. Only problem is when Cal State Fullerton scores, well, there has been no football team since 1992, so the school's fight song has been lost over the years. Last year, they played Thin Lizzy's "Boys Are Back In Town" after every Titan score. This year, they've started playing some neutral fight song (though the rumor is that they've dug up the old song and given it to the Rosenblatt peeps to play.).

As for when UC Irvine scores a run, I don't know for sure if it's a UC system-wide thing, but the P.A. plays the same fight song that UCLA and UC-Berkeley play at their football games. Must be kosher with them because the UCI fans would clap along with it while it was playing.

Best fans/worst fans---
Speaking of UCI and their fans, talking to some of them at the "Eater Nation" house across the street from the stadium, they said that the Texas fans were very congratulatory and respectful after being eliminated by the Anteaters in Round Rock two weeks ago. But last week in Wichita was another story, as in they weren't so accommodating. One of the fans told me, "After we beat them, I was afraid we weren't going to get out of there alive."

Not exactly conservationists---
I can't remember the flimsy explanation, but apparently there is still a need for the lights at Rosenblatt to be on all day long. Yes even on a day like yesterday where there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Don't you think they'd save some money if they didn't burn those million candlewatt bulbs all day long?

Under the anvil of the sun---
The last two days have been pretty brutal, weather-wise. Both days saw temperatures inch into the low 90s and near 50% humidity. In fact, yesterday, during the few times a rogue cloud would pass over, you could hear the crowd react with an "ahhhh!" Unfortunately, it never lasted.

Today (Sunday) is supposed to be another scorcher, but relief is on the way. Monday projected to be a high of just 78 and a shift in winds from the South to the West. It can't get here soon enough for me.

Cruel Rosenblatt video board operator---
Okay, I don't get this one. On Friday night, during the North Carolina-Mississippi State game, the giant video board in left field played the video and audio from last year's 9th inning error by UNC's Bryan Steed that allowed OSU to score the winning run in the championship game. So, Steed's parents and the rest of the UNC fans had to have that memory thrown in their face once again.

Oh, but get this, during last night's Oregon State-Fullerton game, thee idiots didn't play the clip, which would've seemed more appropriate given the audience.

Well, they're not quite Florida---
But give the kid in the picture below some credit. It's true, Louisville's athletic program is on a roll. They played in a BCS bowl in football, made the NIT final four in basketball (Kentucky fans quit your snickering) and are now in the College World Series. Not a bad triumverate. Oh sure, if you ask their fan base I'm sure they'd rather make the final eight in basketball than baseball, but take what you can get people.


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