No. 1 vs. No. 2 in pictures

A baker's dozen of photos from this past weekend's Miami-Florida State series in Tallahassee.

(If you had Jemile Weeks' wheels you'd be smiling too)

(Is that Mike Martin in the corner stealing signs from Jim Morris? Or just admiring his handiwork?)

(Dennis Guinn and Blake Tekotte both had big at-bats this weekend)

(Remember the "Snap Into a Slim Jim!" guy?)

(This guy was leading those N-O-L-E-S spell out cheers all weekend)

(Okay dude, judging by the score on your shirt you've had that thing since 1994, giving males everywhere a bad fashion name to sorority girls everywhere)

(Sunday starter Elih Villanueva wasn't so impressive, suffering his first loss against some of his hometown friends on the Miami roster)

(Buster Posey lived up to billing all weekend long, raising his average to .483 and hitting his 11th home run)

(Is there such a thing as being an FSU Cowgirl Wanna-be? Or do you automatically become one with a short shorts, fakies and a plunging neckline that has been purposely ripped?... Well, you know what, I don't care either way.)

(Hurricane leadoff man Blake Tekotte had a good weekend at the dish, on the basepaths and in center field)

(Mike Martin had some odds with the boys in blue, but was mostly sedate)

(Jason Stidham had two doubles in Saturday's win and a home run in Sunday's slugfest)

(FSU players had a unique way of taking in the action from their own dugout)


Eric, now that you've seen 1 and 2 square off, any chance the company Lear Jet will bring you to North Carolina this weekend for 2 and 3?

The Tar Heels have quietly, and surprisingly, put together an excellent pitching staff. The team ERA of 2.15 leads the nation. Of the 16 guys who have pitched in a game, only three have an ERA above 3.00 (and those 3 are a combined 11-0). And get this: 7 pitchers have an ERA under 1.00, and they have combined for 87 innings pitched, allowing only 6 earned runs and only 3 home runs among them.

I know the Seminoles will test these arms this weekend, but it should be another great battle of two top teams. And I bet Mike Fox and Mike Martin shake hands.

Holy smokes!... and I don't mean the ones from there in Tobacco Road, Jeff. You did a good job of explaining the reason I think UNC will send FSU to its 2nd straight series loss. The Heel arms are still solid. And I wish I could get my hands on that company jet too.

Word of caution though, UNC's schedule has been (relatively speaking) a tad on the soft side - #77 overall. What they've seen up 'til now has been child's play. Noles can swing it. Still like Carolina though.

And let me know how the pre-game meeting and post-game handshakes go. I'll be interested to see if FSU quickly reacts to the handshake line, win or lose.


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