Tuesday Stuff - Proof that college baseball CAN be a revenue sport

It was a big night in college baseball tonight. As in big crowds in big stadiums. And thus, it made for some big games in the stitched-ball nation tonight.

(As you see, the Mecca of college baseball saw a big crowd tonight)

Here's a few of them from Tuesday's schedule.

... when there are college games played in them. Here are the Tuesday results of games played where the play-for-pay guys usually roam:

- Rosenblatt Stadium
Nebraska - 8
Creighton - 1
Attendance: 14,650
Northern baseball is alive and well (then again, if you've been paying attention the last two years, Oregon State makes that statement loud and clear enough). Another good win for the Huskers. The 9th inning hero of the Texas A&M game, Mitch Abeita, got things rolling for NU again here, rocketing his 8th home run of the run over the right field wall to put the Huskers up 3-0 after an inning. And nice job of recovering from that emotional series win over Texas A&M. Strong work Huskers.

- Turner Field, Atlanta
Georgia - 3
Georgia Tech - 2
Attendance: 22,599
I hate to say this about a mid-week game, but Georgia really needed this W. They had been blown out twice by the Jackets this season already, so their national image was at stake here. But the Dogs got it done tonight as first-time starter Nick Montgomery went five innings, holding GT to a run on two hits. Then, Joshua Fields did what Joshua Fields does, he slammed the door for his school-record 16th save of the season.

- Fifth Third Ballpark, Comstock Park, Mich.
Notre Dame - 12
Michigan - 15
Attendance: Stupid box scores on both teams' websites didn't list the attendance. Thanks people.
The Wolverines slammed out 22 hits on the night, 13 of which came with two outs. Leif Mahler had a 4-for-6, 4RBI night and Nate Recknagel went 3-for-6, 3RBI, 2HR night. And really... is there a better name out there than Recknagel? He sounds like he should be playing middle linebacker. Not a great loss for Notre Dame, considering their RPI is in the 70s and the Irish don't have a boat-load of high profile non-conference wins. ND drops to 33-16-1 overall. Michigan is a stoic 39-11.

- Zephyr Stadium, Metairie, La.
New Orleans - 6
Louisiana State - 7 (15inns)
Attendance: 5,626
Time of game: 5:14 (ouch, it's beddy-bye time kids)
Something had to give here, both teams have been red hot. And wouldn't you know it, it still took 15 innings to decide it. A Michael Hollander double started off the bottom of the 15th (and why was LSU the home team here?... I digress) and he was eventually knocked in by a Sean Ochinko single. LSU is now 36-16-1, while UNO has its 13-game win streak snapped, dropping the Privateers to 38-14. But really, only 5,626? I woulda thought there'd be more.

(Okay, this might be the jersey of the year in college baseball, UNO's "N'awlins" jersey. Just too cool)

Buffalo - 13
Ohio State - 14
The Bucks come back from an 11-0 deficit to get win No. 28 on the season. Best part? The actual attendance (not just "tickets sold" there people) was 3,503 fans. That's for a mid-week afternoon game in the Big 10 too. And you guys doubt the support of Northern baseball? Sheesh.

UCLA - 6
UC Irvine - 4
How important was this win for the Bruins tonight? They brought in Friday night starter Tim Murphy to close out the game to get the final two outs to pick up his first save of the season. With the win UCLA improved to 26-23. UCI falls to 33-14.

Sacred Heart - 12
Army - 27
The Black Knights won the Patriot League championship, but were eliminated in the first round of PL playoffs by Bucknell. So what do they do for a season finale? They beat the tar out of Sacred Heart, that's what. J.P. Polchinski homered twice in the first inning alone and Cole White became Army's career leader in home runs as the Knights put up 15 runs in the opening frame alone. Army finishes the season 25-25, its fifth straight 25+ winning season.

Maryland - 4
Delaware - 0
Two words: No. Hitter.

Last week, I spent some time checkin' out the performance of Kevin Biringer as he held North Carolina State to two runs in the Terps 6-2 win over the Pack. Then today, Scott Swinson pulled the unlikely no-hitter against the Blue Hens. Wow. It's not often you see a mid-week no hitter, Kenn Kasparek not-withstanding. Swinson also struck out a career-high 10 batters.

Another historical note:
Today's win improves the Terrapins to 30-26 on the season. This marks just the second 30-win season in school history. Terry Rupp is warming to the chore in University Park.

When a player plays all nine positions in one game.
That's what Florida State head coach Mike Martin had versatile All American catcher Buster Posey do on Monday night during the series-embarrassing, er... I mean, series-ending win over Savannah State.

Sorry Buster, I love your talent and was impressed as hell when I saw you play that weekender vs. Miami, but when a coach does this, it's just something to put down in the scorebook. I don't think it's really all that newsworthy.

Awkward note about it: Since FSU run-ruled the Tigers in seven innings for the 4th straight game, it necessitated shifting Posey to different positions in the middle of innings on two occasions. C'mon guys, just have him do this 9-position thing during a real 9-inning game.

Okay, as if college basketball couldn't get any more seedier. Now we see that this kid (allegedly) was being given gifts and cash well before his USC days, even while in high school. Hell, looks to me like USC was almost just collateral damage 'coz this kid was (allegedly) being given the goods from well before he ever stepped on campus. None-the-less, should we really be all that surprised at this new investigation? C'mon, it's college basketball.

(And no, I'm not saying college baseball is a totally clean sport either, but there is certainly not as much big time money riding on the line as there is in basketball)

Let me just say this real quick - I love this time of the season. We're talking about college baseball with meaningful games every day. Nice.

More tomorrow people.



I guess people still dont' understand that it was a reward for Buster's versatility and unselfish attitude throughout his career at FSU. Playing all 9 positions was not meant as a great athletic feat, as a means of showing up SSU (who's coach said he was okay with it), or of gaining national recognition. It was rather a way for the team and fans to recognize one of the greatest players in FSU's history and thank him for the attitude he brought to the field day in and day out.

Apparently, most people can't believe that the motives were just that simple.

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