CWS, Day1: In Pictures

Thought I'd throw up a few more pictures that I took from the first day at Rosenblatt. You know, because no other blog site out there in college baseball land uses pictures like I do. I.e.: They're boring. Sorry, just a small personal note there. My bad.

Anyway, here you go...

(A hazy shot of Rosenblatt from my flight into Omaha. I know, I really need to get a life.)

(Jason Stidham gets tagged out at 3rd by Stanford's Zach Jones on an attempted steal in the 1st inning. FSU also had a runner picked off of first base a couple innings later. Just a few more mistakes that cost the Seminoles a chance at winning the game.)

(ESPN was working on that big sweeping crane camera that they have set up down the 3rd base line all day long, it seems. They never did get the thing working. And by the way, the wires that the crowd down the 3rd base line has to look through is pretty bothersome too. Can't they just get one of those remote control drones to fly a camera around the stadium instead?)

Jason Castro, the 10th overall pick of last week's MLB draft, gets congrats after scoring vs. FSU.)

(This is what you get when the powers-that-be decide to empty the stadium between games and push the start time of the second game only 40 minutes after the conclusion of game one. The stadium is nearly completely empty as the large throng of fans are stuck outside in insanely long lines waiting to get into Rosenblatt. C'mon NCAA, I know it's a money thing but just go back to having doubleheader tickets for the first two days, at least.)

(The greatest human alive, Rosenblatt organist Lambert Bartak. He's been at the ivories ever since I can remember when I would come to games as a kid. Now, having met him two years ago, I've decided he's also one of the nicest humans in the world.)

(Surprisingly, Gordon Beckham had a rather quiet day for Georgia vs. Miami, but he'll make his presence known before too long. Great talent.)

(I like this new feature that they have on the scoreboard here at Rosenblatt where they show graphics of the current batter's previous at-bats.)

More pictures tomorrow. And of course, look for my write-up of day two here tonight.


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