CWS, Day2: In Pictures

A couple more pictures from Day Two at Rosenblatt and the College World Series.

(Another angle of the play at the plate between Fresno's Danny Muno and Rice's Adam Zornes. Note the ball at his elbow that got knocked loose. Special thanks to Dr. Kenny Cook, the doctor of college baseball)

(Close up look at one of the Fresno State batting helmets with the Bulldog paw stickers and the ubiquitous "V" sticker, signifying their pride in the San Joaquin Valley)

(Don't let that scowl fool you, the only thing head groundskeeper Jesse Cuevas hates is weeds on his field. Otherwise, he's been a fixture at the CWS for years.)

(Tough day for Rice's Adam Zornes, as he crumbled to the ground after taking a curveball off his face late in the game against Fresno)

(Fresno's Justin Wilson spun another gem in the win over Rice)

(Maybe that new stadium isn't such a bad idea. Here's a view of one of the narrow walkways - yes, there's a walkway amoungst this mass of people - during a break between innings. Please walk faster people!)

(Don't plan on talking on a cell phone around this guy. LSU's cheerleader keeps the Tiger crowd in the game with a booming voice.)

(You really can't beat a picture of Erin Andrews, the most photographed person - players included - at the College World Series. With her is my bud, Dr. Karin True, one of the greatest female college baseball fans in the world.)

(I'm not too proud to admit this, I got the award for awkward silence at the UNC post-game press conference last night. After asking Coach Mike Fox whether the specter of an LSU-UC Irvine rehashing ever crept into his mind during last night's game, Coach answered with a simple, "No."... then all you could hear was crickets chirping.)


Okay- give it up -- who is the Doctor of College baseball, besides Dr. Dan of the Dirtbgas?

And were you treated for prime rib exhaustion?

Casino envy?

Dr. Dan

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