CWS, Day3 in pictures

Day three at the College World Series saw us say goodbye to our first team (Florida State) and also saw some of the best weather we've experienced in a while. And better yet, it's not supposed to change too much.

(The forecast for the next few days is a beauty. No 90s. No rain. No prob. Now, let's just hope the damn weather man is right.)

Here's some more pics from yesterday's day at Rosenblatt.

(Coach Martin and Coach Morris not saying "good luck" to each other as they walk away from the pre-game meeting)

(The biggest question mark for Miami the rest of this week is whether Carlos Gutierrez can get back on track. He's been roped pretty good in the 9th innings of both games he's been in.)

(Dennis Raben shoots home plate umpire Jack Cox a cross look after getting called out on strikes.)

(The last out of the Florida State season. Note how Ryan Jackson and Jemile Weeks are already fist-pumping as Buster Posey slides into 2nd. After nearly blowing this game, the feeling of relief was palpable.)

(Miami's David Gutierrez wasn't the only one to get plunked in the arm with a hard hit ball. This fan took a foul ball on the wing too.)

(The attendance at the CWS has been slightly down this year, but it's hard to tell because as you see, there are fans standing on tables in the outfield bleachers.)

(The world's slowest elevator - the press box lift at Rosenblatt - got serviced yesterday. Let's hope for better results from this awful thing today.)

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