CWS, Day4: In Pictures

Just thought I'd let you guys know that there is no pluralization in the name Zesto, one of the most mis-pronounced burger stands in the world.

(It's not "Zestos", but it doesn't mean they don't make some wicked milkshakes)

(ESPN's Karl Ravech putting on his tie before the game. HIs hair is perfect too.)

(Pet Peeve #284: When players wear their shades on their hats despite a blinding sun beaming down)

(Former LSU Tiger J.P. Padron had a tough day against his old mates, going 0-for-5 at the dish and committing two errors... sorry for the over-sized picture. My bad.)

(Ever wonder what a coach says at this point after his team just ripped the heart out of his opponents?)

(Tuesday saw some of the most riveting action fans have seen at the CWS this year. Everyone was on the edge of their seats.)

(Again, I ask, are these cupcakes necessary in college baseball? Not that I'm arguing it, just trying to get a general consensus.)

(Speaking of batgirls, Jason and Brody of the Going Yard crew take some time to hang with the LSU batgirls while filming a segment with them)

(This is a T-shirt hanging in the Stadium View Shop across the street from Rosenblatt. Notice anything fishy? Yes, Wichita State did NOT win the 1993 national championship. This was one of those shirts they hand out to the championship team immediately after winning the final game. This one somehow escaped the NCAA's incinerator.)

(Can anyone explain the outfits yesterday's color guard was wearing? Ahoy matey!)

(Good to see longime CWS official scorer Lou Spry back in the press box. He had been in San Diego attending a friends funeral. He drove all the way back from Southern California to make it to yesterday's games. Can't you just picture Lou riding in his '57 Chevy, cruising the interstate with the wind through his sideburns and Gene Vincent blaring on the a.m. radio? Sweet.)


Cupcakes.... well, why not some eye candy? Of course they're not necessary, but what the heck.

What are the flag guys wearing... I'm not 100% sure, but I'd guess it has something to do with Nebraska's Navy. Yes, you heard that correct. That's the only thing I can guess.

Those uniforms on the Color Guard are the Knights of Columbus. Notice the Yellow and White flag is actually the national flag of Vatican City. I don't know what the blue flag is, but it's not the the navy ensign.

Eric, I need more restraurant reviews and sights of Omaha for the eventual pilgrammage.

yeah, he has it right - Knights of Columbus. The blue flag is the Nebraska state flag.

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