CWS, Day5: In pictures

Stanford eliminated Miami with an 8-3 clampdown, putting the Cardinal into the bracket 1 finals against unbeaten Georgia. The Hurricanes see their promising season come up just short. That and other goings-ons in and around Rosenblatt were captured here.

(Erik Davis replaces Danny Sandbrink on the mound in the 5th inning. Both pitchers did a good job of clamping down on a potent Miami batting order and also set up their rotation nicely for the upcoming Georgia series, where normal Friday starter Jeremy Bleich will pitch on Friday)

(This is Collegiate Baseball big-wig Lou Pavlovich in his usual spot in the photographer's well on the 1st base line. When it comes to college baseball history, he's the man.)

(Miami players do some kind of fist-pumping thing to a song between innings. Inside the press box, I couldn't hear what song they were playing at the time. Anyone know? And on another note, are the Rosenblatt people supposed to play songs that are identified with a particular team?)

(When Enrique Garcia was caught off-balance all night long, I knew Miami was in some trouble against the Trees)

(No Bartman's here. The fans at the outfield wall let UofM's Dennis Raben make this wicked-cool grab at the wall early in the game.)

(The Rosenblatt ballgirls have been cheered and booed all week long when the foul balls roll up onto the netting. I asked one of them if they felt any pressure to catch the ball as it comes off the netting, knowing they'll be booed mercilessly if they don't, and she said, "Oh no indeed. We are so over that.")

(Here's a look at what the ESPN cameramen are seeing as they are capturing the action for those of us in TV land. On the left is the monitor that shows what the ESPN feed is showing. The black and white monitor to the right reflects what that cameraman is shooting.)

(After Miami scored, these guys decided to do some body presses with their buddy from way up high. I kept waiting for them to drop him.)

(And of course, no picture book would be complete without the gratuitous pic of Erin Andrews again. Hi Erin... Call me.)


The song that Miami was having a good time with and doing hand movements to was called "Love is Gone" by David Guetta. During the season one of the Pitchers started dancing to it and eventually the whole team got into it.

Looks like your plans for doing some sightseeing on offdays may be canceled if their are games on Sunday

(Thanks to the Omaha World Herald for sharing this info). I dont know the policy on team specific music.

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