CWS, Day 10: In Pictures


You know it's a big event if luminaries like Warren Buffet, Nolan Ryan, Augie Garrido and Mark Richt are in attendance. So here's a handful of pics from the first day of the championship series (and what seems like the 27th day of the CWS in total):

(Warren Buffet and Nolan Ryan walk out of the hallway that leads from the press box. I think Nolan was actually there just to pick up the money trail that Warren was leaving as he walked.)

(Sing a Joy-full song! Fabulous babe Heidi Joy, just after she sang the national anthem. Apparently, Ms. Joy, with her hair befitting a Pantene commercial, is a regular at singing the anthem before Creighton basketball games as well.)

(Cool jazz band that played outside the gates at Rosenblatt today. I asked them if they knew any Gene Vincent and they just gave me that "get the hell outta here" look. So I sauntered off dejected.)

(Carry on you brave ticket scalper. This ubiquitous ducat dealer that you see outside Rosenblatt at every CWS told me that sales hadn't been as brisk as past years. He reasoned that the length of the new format was certainly a factor as well as some weather issues)

(Going Yarder Brody Logan couldn't wait to show me his new Fresno State hat he got today)

(Then, going for the shock factor, he revealed his new Friar Tuck hair cut. Apparently Fresno's Holden Sprague gave his dome the zero-setting zip cut after he doubted the Dogs would make the championship round. Hey, it's the Geoffrey Tambor-look. It's bitchin' man.)

(NCAA Director of Baseball Dennis Poppe talks with WAC commissioner Karl Benson before the game. Hopefully Poppe is explaining how the new format is just too damn long and there will be changes to the CWS brackets for next season. Like maybe a return to a more open layout, where teams aren't stuck in two four-team brackets and end up playing the same team three times. And of course, for everybody's sake, going old school and returning to a seven or eight day tournament.)

(Trevor Holder trying to shake off the pain of that wicked line drive off his shin. And is it just me, or does that trainer there look eerily similar to former Dog assistant football coach Erk Russell? Hmmm.)

(Georgia's Bryce Massanari slides in milli-seconds before the tag from Ryan Overland. It was another game of inches today, but Georgia always seemed to have that something extra.)

(Fresno State players take cover as a bat comes flying their way after slipping out of the hands of Georgia batter Matt Olson.)

(You think you've got pressure at your job? Try catching an unpredictable little piece of horse-hide in front of 20,000 people, including the Georgia on-deck batter, just knowing that if you drop it you'll be booed mercilessly. No worries, because the CWS ballgirl held on to this one and got cheered.)

("Brother can you spare a cool million?" Ernie, the press box security dude extraordinaire gets a signature from Warren Buffet.)

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