CWS, Day 12: In Pictures

Fresno State is our 2008 National Champion in baseball. I'm still trying to wrap my head around that one, but it's for real. The Wunderdogs rebounded from a crushing 7-6 defeat on Monday night to blitz past Georgia in two straight games, 19-10 and 6-1. So now the big brass ring is taking up residence with the pride of the San Joaquin Valley.

In the meantime, shut off the lights on the old man on the hill for another 50 weeks as the stadium known as "Mecca" closes up shop for college baseball until next June. Here are some lasting images from the final day of the (long) College World Series.

(See you next June Johnny Rosenblatt. I'll miss you.)

(A couple of hours before the game the people at ESPN tried to get these two bulldog pups to pose with the national championship trophy you see in the background. But the old adage in advertising is, never work with children or animals. And it was true here, as all these guys wanted to do was look for shade and nip at each other.)

(According to this guy "preaching" on the sidewalk near Zesto, I'm going straight to hell.)

(Betcha can't guess which Georgia batting helmet belongs to Joey Lewis, can ya'?)

(These Fresno fans got their bods painted to support their 'Dogs. Only problem was, it turns out these guys are a group of students from Missouri State in Springfield. Whatever.)

(The total attendance for the CWS was a new record of 330,099. Man, just think what the attendance numbers would've been if fans actually showed up this week?)

(Georgia coach Dave Perno didn't have things go his way today. But props to him for doing his best coaching job in 2008. With basically the same exact players, Perno turned his team from a 23-33 unit in 2007 to the national championship round a year later.)

(There's one in every crowd. Sheriffs put the arm-bar hold on this unruly fan in the bleachers and lead him to the awaiting squad car.)

(A close-up shot of Fresno catcher Ryan Grubb going to the net to try to get a foul ball. Justin Wilson said that Grubb played "a great game" tonight. He kind of looks like Emile Hirsch if you ask me.)

(Steve Detwiler gets a hold of Dean Weaver's pitch and sends it screaming toward the scoreboard. This home run gave Fresno a 6-1 lead and took the air out of Georgia the rest of the way.)

(Detwiler on the last 90 feet of his home run trot)

(College World Series MVP Tommy Mendonca was nails all week long at third base.)

(Right before the final outs of the game, I happened to catch Joey Lewis and Erik Wetzel chatting it up during a pitching change.)

(Fresno players display the fruits of their labor, hoisting the national championship trophy. And by the way, I know the NCAA has improved the design of the trophy, but it's still a crappy looking piece of cherry wood if you ask me. Not exactly the equivalent to the Waterford Crystal of the football championship is it?)

(Georgia players watch as Fresno celebrates on the field. I'm sorry, but if I'm a Georgia player, I wouldn't be able to sit there and watch another team in euphoria... especially when you KNOW there are ESPN cameras just waiting for you to start tearing up or have a look of dejection.)

(Steve Detwiler is a sudden media celeb.)

(Erin Andrews and Mike Batesole fist-pound after the game. As a grad from a rival SEC school, do you think she really wanted Georgia to win? I don't know, she seems happy for coach Batesole here.)

(Reliever Kris Tomlinson got a black eye from getting head-butted in the dogpile after the game. No worries, it will kind of go good with his skullet hair cut anyway.)

(A lone Fresno player heads out toward the scoreboard to take a picture of the final totals.)

(Unlike the previous two days, it was warm and sunny today, so fans of all shapes and sizes could enjoy the weather.)


Thanks for a great season of coverage. Even though it just ended, I can't wait for next year. Go Devils!

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