CWS, Day 6: UNC takes early lead after seven batters.

It only lasted seven batters, but then it got ugly. And I mean ugly in two ways. LSU's Blake Martin couldn't find the plate, giving up two runs, plunking two batters and walking another on four pitches. And secondly, the weather turned nasty and the hammering thunderstorms halted the game with UNC up 2-0.

(Tonight, Nebraska was definitely a red state, as you can tell by the smothering storms that blanketed the Omaha area, knocking out the LSU-UNC game with only one out in the game)

(Kyle Seager took a nasty pitch off the elbow. But he got up and made it to first base... where he'll be tomorrow when the game resumes)

(The scoreboard totals are correct. And so is the "Rain Delay" graphic)

(Hey, what better way to spend time during a rain delay? UNC pitcher Brian Moran had all of us in the press box crackin' up with his pants on his arms and his legs through the jersey sleeves. If you want to judge which team is more loose, give the edge to Carolina. Or maybe it's because of their early lead.)

(NCAA officials confer with both coaches and head groundskeeper Jesse Cuevas - far left - before calling tonight's game after seven batters.)

So get this, the NCAA people decide that the entire CWS should just be pushed back 24 hours, instead of going ahead and playing the LSU-North Carolina game AND the Georgia-Stanford game. What's the sense in that?

That means that the expected "day off" on Sunday could now be filled with one or two games, depending on if Stanford beats Georgia or Fresno State loses. Damn! There goes my idea to go down to the Negro Baseball Hall of Fame in Kansas City for a quick road trip to get out of Omaha for a while.

Now, give a big advantage to Fresno State. They're slightly thinner pitching gets a huge boost, especially if they beat either LSU or North Carolina on Saturday night. Though, if they lose - and still make the championship round - their pitching staff will be thin.

Also, this LSU-UNC game could go either way. If UNC comes up to bat with the bases loaded and starts spraying the ball all over the field, the Tigers could really be sunk. But then again, if a new pitcher (maybe Jared Bradford?) comes in and induces a double play or something. Advantage LSU. Because two runs ain't squat for THAT team to make up.

Favorite quote from the impromptu press conference with the head coaches after the .1 inning game tonight? Paul Mainieri opened with this statement:

"I'd like to announce that Mike Fox has agreed to give us a mulligan and start the game all over tomorrow." Much to the yucks of the media gathering there.

Both coaches admitted that they didn't know what direction their pitching situation would go when the game resumes tomorrow. LSU's Mainieri admitted that he was ready to pull struggling starter Blake Martin anyway and yet is still open to possibly keeping him in the game when things get cranked back up. Mike Fox has freshman wunderkind Matt Harvey slated to start still, but theoretically can still save him if his Heels get a couple more runs out of this first inning and start to pile it on.

And by the way, both coaches were asked if they preferred playing at 1pm or 6pm tomorrow and both said it made no difference to them. So the NCAA committee decided to push the schedule back 24 hours instead of a DH tomorrow. Idgits.

Because, what if it rains hard again tomorrow? Then the rest of the CWS schedule is REALLY screwed.

Wonder if the NCAA boys thought about that.

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