CWS, Day 7: Anatomy of a rain delay

Again, to re-iterate, this game should've been re-started at 1pm today. It was clear, beautiful skies all the way up until about 6pm tonight. Instead, at 6:09pm, the game was re-started. At 6:38pm, the game was stopped for lightning and then for the torrential downpour. The people in charge of this thing should've checked the weather forecast.

You know, they show an hour-by-hour forecast on

So here's how things went at the stadium today, during the rain episodes:

(the game re-started with Jared Bradford and his sunny day shadow throwing out the first pitch)

(Soon after the first pitch was thrown, the rains across the river in Iowa were evident)

(The skies begin to darken around Rosenblatt again. Like a setting out of The Omen or something.)

(The lightning is spotted and the grounds crew springs into action again. According to blogger Lenli Corbett, last night's grounds crew put the tarp out in 4:24. Tonight, they did it in 4:18. Guess they get better with practice.)

(These fans are resourceful, as they began to use the shroud of the tarp to cover themselves from the torrent of rain. I'm sure that's some kind of NCAA violation.)

(After the rains began to trickle, Paul Mainieri took some time to sign some autographs for the fans)

(The grounds crew begins to pull the tarp off the field, making a huge lake just beyond the infield dirt.)

(Head groundskeeper Jesse Cuevas explains to ESPN field reporter Kyle Peterson and the NCAA officials what is going on with the saturated field and drainage system. Still no explanation as to why the entire CWS schedule was pushed back 24 hours.)

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