CWS, Day 7: Ladies & Gents, Billionaire Warren Buffet's house

Here's Day 7 in pictures from Omaha. And since it was a single game that didn't start until 6pm, I was able to spend the day finding out where billionaire Warren Buffet lived. Here you go...


Kind of non-descript, huh? I was expecting something like Montgomery Burns on The Simpsons, replete with 30-foot fences, ravenous guard dogs and constantly ominous skies. Nope.

Instead, it's totally open, no fence, no guards, no nothing. Hell, if I was one of those Mormon missionaries, I could walk right up and knock on his door.

Now for more Day 7 pictures...

(I'm the bald one here, talking with Doug Kroll as we shoot another game-day preview on the field. Doug has done a good job with the mic this week as you saw from my pics of him interviewing Game 10 hero Tim Federowicz in my previous post.)

(Rice's Cole St. Clair in full suit and tie after getting honored for some kind of an athletic/academic honor from Lowe's. He was caught here by Dr. Kenny Cook, the doctor of college baseball, as he was walking back into the stands. Ladies, isn't he dreamy?)

(UNC's Alex White made just his third relief appearance of the season in shutting the door on LSU, as he faced eight batters in 2.0 innings of work, giving up just one hit to improve to 12-3 on the year. And was that a major run-on sentence I just typed there or what?)

(Somewhere in that mass of humanity is Tim Federowicz getting mobbed by his teammates after hitting the game-winning grand slam.)

(LSU's Michael Hollander reels away despondent from the post-game team meeting after the 7-3 loss to North Carolina. Apparently, Hollander took his frustrations out on a water cooler in the LSU clubhouse, before succumbing to his emotions.)

(UNC's No. 1 fan, basketball guru Roy Williams takes in the post-game celebration. It's pretty cool to see a high-brow big-wig that likes to sit in the stands and be part of the crowd like Roy does. Wait... is that a Kansas under-shirt he's wearing?)

("Don't taze me bro!... Owww!" One last shot of the streaker as he's got the Omaha police descending on him. Wonder if he's got bruises from the security dude's tackle on him at mid-field.)


HEY! Georgia Bulldawgs are the REAL dawgs! They don't even know how to spell dawgs!

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