CWS, Day 8: In Pictures

Georgia wins and waits. While Fresno and Carolina play another great game. In the meantime, I had the shudderbug thing biting me, so here are a few more pictures from Saturday's double-header at Rosenblatt.

(Gotcha! Everytime I pointed my camera toward this little kid, he would immediately duck down behind his father. Finally, I held up a piece of candy and he emerged from his hiding place... snap! Got the picture I wanted of the young Miami fan.)

(The NCAA loves these girls. Decked out in Jack Daniels tank-tops, these servers at the beer garden next to Zesto will become a thing of the past once the new stadium comes around. You know how the NCAA wants to control the six block area around the championship site and all.)

(Georgia's Dave Perno - number 4 - seems to be pushing all the right buttons for Georgia as they head to the title round awaiting the winner of Fresno and North Carolina)

(At 8:37pm, UNC's Rob Wooten was replaced by Brian Moran. Wooten - seen tossing the ball in the air here - didn't seem all that happy with Coach Fox's decision.)

(At 8:38pm, UNC's Brian Moran was replaced by Alex White. Moran threw two pitches in his appearance, a passed ball on a 2-0 count and an intentional walk pitch when it got to 3-0.)

(ESPN announcer Mike Patrick, one of my faves, joins a long line of on-air personalities that wear a pink shirt or a pink tie or - most egregiously - a combination of both. I just want it to stop right now, okay people?)

(The ESPN cameraman on the platform right next to the right field foul pole. Note how he's secured into position by a harness attached to his belt. Is that put there in case he falls? Or if the 20-foot high platform collapses? Hmmm. Add this to the World's Most Dangerous Jobs show.)

(Mr. We'll Play You Anytime, Anywhere himself, FSU football coach Pat Hill, made the trek from the raisin valley to cheer on the Fresno State Bulldogs)

(Meanwhile, poor Roy Williams, this guy can't get a rest. In between each half inning, the man is hounded by autograph seekers. Maybe there IS an upside to sitting up in those luxury suites. I mean, I understand him signing autographs and all, that's really cool of him. But when I tell you it's like this every half inning, I mean it.)

(Before the double header I was able to get into the Qwest Center where the Olympic Swimming Trials are going to be held next week. Pretty freaky lookin'. The pool is set right there on the floor of the place and has a raised "stage" surrounding it. The first row of seats is essentially about the 10th row up off the ground.)

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