CWS, Day 9: In Pictures

Do you ever wonder why, when a team gets eliminated and their season comes to an end, you always see so many pictures like this?...

It's because of scenes like this...

It might be hard to tell, but there are eight photographers in this picture surrounding the North Carolina dugout at the end of the game just looking for that teary player picture they so crave.

Here are some more pics from Game 13 at Rosenblatt.

(Come on down, there are plenty of good seats... no, plenty of good sections available)

(People have been blaming the format change, the rain and the length of the CWS for attendance being down this year. But I still truly believe it is more about the malaise-ridden reaction to the new stadium issue. Still haven't heard any media types talking about that fact yet. Either way, 15,000? That's below par for Omaha.)

(Big Brother is watching. Even if the President of Mozambique isn't here to throw out the first pitch, there is still a handful of police and security types up on the roof of Rosenblatt watching everything that is going on... or checkin' out hot chicks with their binoculars.)

(Fresno State's Steve Susdorf slides into home plate behind UNC catcher Tim Federowicz.)

(There have been a College World Series record 22 wild pitches this week.)

(Gutty Kyle Shelton reacts after slamming into the wall down the left field line. Most impressively was the fact that he held onto the ball. That is one tough dude.)

(Fresno celebrates the win as Dustin Ackley sees his season end. Ackley hit .522 in the CWS, going 12-for-23, and even FSU's Clayton Allison said in the post-game, "I couldn't get him out. He's incredible.")

(To the victor go the cameras. Kyle Peterson interviews Mike Batesole, the Fresno head coach. Ever wonder why, with these modern high-powered cameras, do they find it necessary to get so in-your-face-close to the person being interviewed?)

(Going Yarder Jason Kerepesi catches Doug Kroll interviewing Tommy Mendonca. The Fresno 3Bman came into the game having only two hits in the CWS, but both were home runs. Tonight Mendonca went 3-for-4 with a double and 4RBI.)

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