February 10, 2010

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CSTV was bought by CBS a few years ago and those suits at CBS finally decided to get rid of the CSTV network and website altogether and are now not even covering college baseball on the CBS Sports site at all. So yes, CBS has once again ruined a good thing.

Speaking of, here are the Top Five things that CBS has ruined over the years.

1- CSTV.
No other college based outlet had EVER covered college sports like College Sports Television and its website CSTV.com. Now, both are history and CBSsports.com doesn't care about college sports outside of SEC football and the NCAA basketball tournament.

2- David Letterman.
Remember how edgy and cool Letterman was at NBC? Now he's a sterile corporate type that's mildly amusing and oppressed by an un-funny, big brother-like network.

3- The NCAA basketball tournament.
When CBS took over way back in 1981, they sullied all the cool stuff that NBC had done for years, like the dramatic game calls by Dick Enberg, the insight of Al McGuire and the knack of multiple replays and sense of drama. After years of fumbling the shit away, they've finally got better at it, But it's still not quite there.

4- College Football.
All those years that ABC had it down pat with guys like Keith Jackson, Chris Schenkel and Bill Flemming and the Fireman's Fund Flashback... college football had a voice and was magical. Then CBS came along and gave us Brent Musburger and his "you are looking live!" bullshit. Luckily CBS has just one SEC game a weekend now.

5- 60 Minutes.
With their lack of scruples and sense of sensationalism, the original news magazine has become its own punch line with its forced perspective and lack of objectivity. Too bad, 'coz Dan Rather has gone on to much better things with the HD Network, now that he's free from CBS's B.S.


Eric Sorenson Eric Sorenson
Eric Sorenson is CSTV.com's National Baseball Columnist, and also appears on CSTV as a baseball expert