February 21, 2013

CSTV's Extra Innings Rises From The Dead... and with my 20 Mondays column for the week.

This waking up some old ghosts for you?

Here's the deal guys, my CollegeBaseballToday.com site has been plagued with viruses this week. Can't do anything about it. These things just happen 'coz some fuggin' scumbags make it happen for no good reason.

So my thinking was, "Where can I post my work until the CBT site gets repaired? BOOM! It hits me. My long dormant CSTV "Extra Innings" website still exists and I still have the passwords for it. So here we are. THIS will be where my work exists until the College Baseball Today site is back up and operational.

Without further ado, here is my "20 Mondays" column for this week, including this pic:

(Oregon State players celebrate the extra inning win over UC Riverside)

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February 10, 2010

In case you have stumbled upon this, go to CollegeBaseballToday.com. Pronto!

CSTV was bought by CBS a few years ago and those suits at CBS finally decided to get rid of the CSTV network and website altogether and are now not even covering college baseball on the CBS Sports site at all. So yes, CBS has once again ruined a good thing.

Speaking of, here are the Top Five things that CBS has ruined over the years.

1- CSTV.
No other college based outlet had EVER covered college sports like College Sports Television and its website CSTV.com. Now, both are history and CBSsports.com doesn't care about college sports outside of SEC football and the NCAA basketball tournament.

2- David Letterman.
Remember how edgy and cool Letterman was at NBC? Now he's a sterile corporate type that's mildly amusing and oppressed by an un-funny, big brother-like network.

3- The NCAA basketball tournament.
When CBS took over way back in 1981, they sullied all the cool stuff that NBC had done for years, like the dramatic game calls by Dick Enberg, the insight of Al McGuire and the knack of multiple replays and sense of drama. After years of fumbling the shit away, they've finally got better at it, But it's still not quite there.

4- College Football.
All those years that ABC had it down pat with guys like Keith Jackson, Chris Schenkel and Bill Flemming and the Fireman's Fund Flashback... college football had a voice and was magical. Then CBS came along and gave us Brent Musburger and his "you are looking live!" bullshit. Luckily CBS has just one SEC game a weekend now.

5- 60 Minutes.
With their lack of scruples and sense of sensationalism, the original news magazine has become its own punch line with its forced perspective and lack of objectivity. Too bad, 'coz Dan Rather has gone on to much better things with the HD Network, now that he's free from CBS's B.S.

June 10, 2008

Monday Stuff - The Field of Eight Is Set With Unlikely Teams

Fresno State and LSU sent shockwaves through college baseball on Monday. But in reality, maybe we shouldn't be so stunned.

Two football-type scores provided these two traditional baseball powers a return to the promised land. One has been there plenty of times, winning numerous titles and its return has been, well... expected. Maybe even overdue. The other? It's been since the 1991 season that it has visited Omaha and its rabid fan base has been foaming at the mouth to get back. Want to know who to thank? Paul Mainieri and Mike Batesole, respectively.

(Mike Batesole has his Bulldogs playing like everyone expected at the beginning of the year)

(Quiet, unassuming Paul Mainieri has his Tigers playing loud as they enter Omaha this weekend)

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June 03, 2008

Monday Stuff - Going 270.2 miles in the name of college baseball

See the gas receipt below? This is from Friday when I filled up with gas before driving down to Long Beach for the first two games of the regional down there at Blair Field. Yeah, I know. Laugh at me because I spend about a buck and a half a gallon more than you probably do.

(71 bucks for a tankful. Wait... is my credit card number on here?)

Through the weekend, between the Long Beach and the Fullerton Regionals, I ended up driving 270.2 miles from Friday afternoon to Monday night. Two hundred seventy point two freakin' miles! All in the name of college baseball. Ten years ago, I could've flown to a Regional in Austin for as much as I spent in gas this weekend, right?

Oh well, I love college baseball almost more than some politicians love seeing their rich oil company brethren make a killing off us common Americans. But I digress.

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May 27, 2008

Monday Stuff - The Knee-Jerk Reaction To The Field Of 64 Edition

Okay stitch-heads, the field is set for the 64 teams to play in the NCAA tournament beginning this Friday. You ready? Did you watch the announcement show with a keen eye like I did? Are you happy with the results? Tired of my incessant questioning?

Get this: Arkansas made it. Oregon State didn't. Miami's No. 1. UC Davis is a No. 4. Clemson didn't make it. St. John's did. The RPI was used. The RPI wasn't leaned upon. Go figure.

(Dave Van Horn and his Bono-like specs will be playing for another weekend this season after all)

So enough of this babble, here's what struck me about the tournament field after it was announced this morning...

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May 21, 2008

Tuesday Stuff - How Lucky Do You Feel?

The conference tournaments are here. And there aren't a whole lot of teams who feel good about their chances at making the NCAA tournament. And even those that are feeling good, are still trying to squirm into a national seed or a home regional. There aren't a lot comfy seats out there.

So if you're the coach of a team vying for a berth in the NCAA tournament, you've gotta ask yourself, "Do I feel lucky? Do I feel we're going to make the NCAAs even if we don't win our conference tournament?" Well, do ya' punk?


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May 15, 2008

Wednesday Stuff - The Don Ho "Tiny Bubbles" Edition

It's that time of year again stitch-heads. It's the time that our good friend from the Islands, the venerable Don Ho, shows up to provide us with the teams that are on the "tiny bubbles" list. I.e., those teams that are 50-50 for making it into the NCAA tournament as an at-large team if they don't win their conference tourneys.


I know, Don is a very lovable figure from Hawaii with a soft heart and even softer voice. But in reality, his list is one harsh son-of-a-bastige. It's ruthless (look at those dark, evil eyes... don't let them fool you). If the teams on this list below don't get their schtick together, they'll find themselves sitting at home in the month of June.

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May 14, 2008

Tuesday Stuff - Proof that college baseball CAN be a revenue sport

It was a big night in college baseball tonight. As in big crowds in big stadiums. And thus, it made for some big games in the stitched-ball nation tonight.

(As you see, the Mecca of college baseball saw a big crowd tonight)

Here's a few of them from Tuesday's schedule.

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May 08, 2008

Wednesday Stuff - Columbia gets first dibs on the Dance

People, the first tuxedo fitting for the Big Dance is a Columbia blue one.

(Ahhh, you've gotta love a Columbia blue tuxedo.
Now the CU Lions are ready to dance.)

Well, we've got one down and 63 to go as Columbia takes down Dartmouth for the Ivy League title today to make its reservations for the tournament.

Elsewhere, we've got more breaking hearts and waning chances for national seeds and post-season hosting slots. Here's the rundown of what happened on this Wednesday full of college baseball action.

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May 07, 2008

Tuesday Stuff - Pressure Mounts, Games Starting To Mean More

I know, I know, it's not a Thursday Thoughts night or a Sunday Summations Ouch List night, but this is May (the cruelest month in college baseball). So that means it's time to post a little bit more info from time to time. So here we are on an RPI Tuesday. Let's take a quick whirl around the nation from today's action.

(Wichita's Gene Stephenson was hoping for better results tonight to enhance his team's post-season hopes)

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April 29, 2008

Monday Stuff - The Belated Ouch List From Sunday

First question: Has the SEC just lost any hopes for a national seeding? If Memorial Day rolls around and not a single SEC team gets a guaranteed home Super Regional, this past weekend might be the main culprit. All the higher ranked teams took in on the chin in the Southern super-conference this weekend.

(Curt Casali and the Commodores will have to hustle more to rebuild from this weekend)

That's where we're going to start our Ouch List for this week. Because of attrition, it looks like the SEC is slowly becoming like it was last year, a lot of good teams, but no great teams. I know, that's certainly arguable. And, it's still early. Here are the hurtin' kind from this weekend.

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April 22, 2008

No. 1 vs. No. 2 in pictures

A baker's dozen of photos from this past weekend's Miami-Florida State series in Tallahassee.

(If you had Jemile Weeks' wheels you'd be smiling too)

(Is that Mike Martin in the corner stealing signs from Jim Morris? Or just admiring his handiwork?)

(Dennis Guinn and Blake Tekotte both had big at-bats this weekend)

(Remember the "Snap Into a Slim Jim!" guy?)

(This guy was leading those N-O-L-E-S spell out cheers all weekend)

(Okay dude, judging by the score on your shirt you've had that thing since 1994, giving males everywhere a bad fashion name to sorority girls everywhere)

(Sunday starter Elih Villanueva wasn't so impressive, suffering his first loss against some of his hometown friends on the Miami roster)

(Buster Posey lived up to billing all weekend long, raising his average to .483 and hitting his 11th home run)

(Is there such a thing as being an FSU Cowgirl Wanna-be? Or do you automatically become one with a short shorts, fakies and a plunging neckline that has been purposely ripped?... Well, you know what, I don't care either way.)

(Hurricane leadoff man Blake Tekotte had a good weekend at the dish, on the basepaths and in center field)

(Mike Martin had some odds with the boys in blue, but was mostly sedate)

(Jason Stidham had two doubles in Saturday's win and a home run in Sunday's slugfest)

(FSU players had a unique way of taking in the action from their own dugout)

April 15, 2008

Monday Stuff - The Belated Ouch List From Sunday

And now, with a little bit of adieu, here is the Ouch List for Sunday April 13th:

(Cal coach David Esquer, with his Bono-like specs, must have concern about the direction of his team)

The Bears head our list of unfortunate Ouch List members. More

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November 28, 2007

The 2008 All Senior Team

Nothing makes a coach happier than welcoming back a good senior player who decides to forgo the MLB draft and return to campus to lead his team for one more season. This year's crop of "draft dodgers" is as deep group of players as has come along in recent years. So, much to the joy of college baseball junkies like me, there will be a lot of good seniors on the basepaths this spring.

I figure this is a good time to offer out to you the All-Senior team for the upcoming 2008 season. So here are the 15 best returning four-year players in college baseball.

(Mike Stutes returns as the Friday starter for Oregon State)

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June 20, 2007

CWS: Day five wrap- UCI will send us all to the ICU

Let's start with this, elimination games are hell. And today we saw two hell-of-a-game type of games. Both taking on vastly different styles.

UNC (and the wind) smothered the potent Louisville offense and advanced to play Rice by relying on wicked pitching and solid defense.

UCI left all our nerves looking like 50-year old rope by making one of the most-exciting comebacks in years as they overcame a vastly talented Arizona State team.

(Ollie Linton gets mobbed after he hit the game-winning single to beat ASU)

Someone give me some oxygen as we roll toward Wednesday with more team's seasons on the line.

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June 16, 2007

CWS: Various notes I didn't know where else to put

Hey Stitch-heads

Here's the deal. I started writing some various notes and crud about the College World Series on Friday morning. But I didn't quite know how to post it or where to post it. So it's now Saturday morning and I'm just going to go ahead and add a few more things and then put this up on the Extra Innings site.

It's just a few notes about the time here in Omaha so far and some of the things about the College World Series. Feel free to add to it in the comment section if you want.

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June 05, 2007

National: Grading the Regionals

Yep. It's that time again. Time for me to put on my tweed jacket with the leather patches on the elbow.

Now that the Charlottesville Regional is finally done (damn, those Beavers are impressive!), this is the culmination to my favorite weekend of the year. Let's get the red pen out and start handing out the grades to all 64 teams in the NCAA tournament field.

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May 28, 2007

National: Five Quick-Hits

Here are the top five things that came to my mind after seeing the NCAA tournament announcement show:

1- Newfound emphasis on non-conference schedules.
Selection committee Chairman Larry Templeton continually uttered the phrase, "teams need to play a better non-conference schedule." He even mentioned it in the post-announcement conference call with the media. To quote, "We've been telling teams for a couple of years now, play a better non-conference schedule."

2- The SEC getting only five teams into the field.
Usually we're used to seeing eight or even nine teams make it to the Big Dance from the monster conference. But just five? Wow. But Templeton, the Mississippi State A.D., even made the statement that the SEC's "non-conference schedules were not up to par."

3- The at-large teams with poor RPI's.
Troy (54), Oklahoma State (53), St. John's (51), Memphis (50) and Minnesota (49) were the highest-RPI teams to make the field this year. That's pretty surprising. It seems that for once, the committee didn't place sooooooooo much emphasis on the unreliable RPI formula.

4- More emphasis placed on in-conference performance too.
Templeton even said himself that the main reason Oklahoma (No. 27 RPI) and Georgia Tech (No. 29 RPI) weren't included in the tournament, was because of their 7th-place finishes in the Big 12 and ACC respectively. Hell, in the past, this kind of finish in the SEC still got those teams home regionals.

5- An unusual amount of respect for the Northern teams.
The Big Ten:
- Michigan, despite a 46 RPI, gets a 2-seed at Vanderbilt.
- Minnesota, a big-time bubble team, gets a 3-seed at San Diego
- Ohio State, the Big 10 tourney winner, goes to College Station as a No. 3 seed.
The Big East:
- Rutgers makes the short trip to Virginia as the No. 2 seed.
- St. John's, the regular season champion, is a manageable No. 3 in Myrtle Beach.
- Louisville goes to Columbia, Missouri as the 3-seed to face Miami in game one.
Missouri Valley Conference:
- Wichita State was given a home regional and No. 1 seed (despite the protesting from Louisiana-Lafayette.)
- MVC tourney champ Creighton was awarded a No. 2 seed in Fayetteville ahead of Big 12 3rd-place finisher Okie State.

February 06, 2007

Monday's "After Further Review"

I think pre-season polls are the work of the devil. Really. Shave the head and you'll see a "666" etched into the scalp.

Sure, they create interest and give media outlets a reason to include college baseball in the January conversation. But let's face it, they also create bias. And don't get me started about how bad pre-season polls are for college football. They are way too important in deciding the national championship race. Just not fair, man.

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February 02, 2007

Welcome stitch-heads

Johnny Rosenblatt is my father. Shelley Smith is my mother. And I'm their bastard son.

That's why I'm here. That's why I'm the college baseball freak that I am. I welcome all you guys to join me in celebrating college baseball all season long.

This blog of mine is up and functional. Cool. Hope you guys and gals dig this. I'll try my best to keep it interesting, fun and informative all throughout the college baseball season. I'll probably do a lot of "off the cuff" type of things too - commenting on games, results, issues and anything and everything that comes to mind. It's pretty free-form type of stuff. So feel free to chime in when you want.

Again, all are welcomed in.

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