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March 30, 2007

Combine An Experience

Former Colorado record-breaking kicker Mason Crosby will be blogging about his experiences and travails as the NFL Draft quickly approaches at the end of April. Here's Crosby's first installment of his exclusive blog, "Extra Points," with CSTV.com.

The whole spring has been a fun process from going to the Combine and the Senior Bowl. I just did my Pro Day up in Colorado and I've been working hard.

I'm going to Reno on Monday to go out and kick with some younger guys and some other guys in college who are getting ready for the NFL. It'll be a litle camp, a chance for us to go out there and kick some more. I'll be out there Monday through Wednesday and I'm really looking forward to going.

It's going to be a camp atmosphere and I'm going to video tape it. We'll be working on kickoffs and field goals, mostly working on mechanics and maybe have a little competition with some of the other guys. It's always good to get around different people and different guys and challenge yourself.

Part of the camp will be a free agent type deal for some of the guys, but I'll be doing a performance camp. I think the kicker from Boise State might be there along with a few other guys, but it should be fun experience.

I was down at the Plex in Houston, a training facility with a bunch of other guys training for the same thing. It was beneficial in the sense that I got in some great workouts and all that stuff. But I wasn't able to focus on kicking as much as I would have liked to. So I left there, about a month ago before the Combine. Since then I've been focused more on kicking specific things.

After Wednesday, I’ll be back in Georgetown, Tex. continuing my training, trying to keep getting better and working until that draft day, the next step in my career.

My schedule since the Senior Bowl has usually been getting up every morning, working out, lifting and maybe doing some cardio. The weather has been a little bad down here in Texas, which is where I am right now, but I usually go out in the afternoon and kick everyday - if not everyday then every other day. It just kind of depends on how I feel.

The Combine was intense. It was high energy, high pressure the whole time. There were a lot of questions, lot of interviews, lot different tests. I talked to people about it before going, but my experience was definitely different than other peoples'. I think that's how it is with everybody. You have to go in open minded and take it as it comes. It was one of those things that you don't really think about that much until you’re going through this process. It was a very exciting time and something I think I'll remember for a long time.

I learned, if anything, to keep my mental game sharp and make sure I'm always prepared for any situation. I’ve always been that way and been able to adapt, but you definitely have to be on your game every second at the Combine.


Mason Crosby Mason Crosby
Considered one of the nation's premier kickers, the former Colorado Buffalo is known for his big leg and supreme accuracy. His 60-yard field goal is a Colorado record and holds the NCAA record for the longest field goal without a tee (58 yards at Miami). He's Colorado's all-time leading scorer.

Crosby's hobbies range from hunting, fishing, hiking and basketball to golf where he's the proud owner of a single-digit handicap. And he was born to be an athlete. His father was a fullback at Texas-El Paso in the 70s and his grandfather ran track at Marshall.