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April 29, 2007

Finally It's My Time

This weekend was just one long waiting game, but I had a good time. It was almost kind of like a family reunion here with friends and family in town. I was hoping things were going to happen yesterday, but I think I'm where I'm supposed to be.

I ended up going in the sixth round, but I'm positive that I went to the right team in the Packers. I went to a place that was worth the wait.

There's a little disappointment that I didn't go on the first day of the draft or at least the fourth round. I felt some disappointment when it wasn't happening. It was kind of stressing, but I was trying to stay positive. I just knew it was going to happen. I knew it was going to be a team that needed me and wanted me. It was just one of those years in the draft. Teams didn't go for kickers early. It turned out to be a strange draft.

But I'm just happy, really happy because this opportunity is good for me. I think if anything, its motivating. I'm going to go out and prove everyday that I was worthy of a second or third round pick.

The Packers gave me a call when they had three picks in the sixth round before they made their first pick. They said they were going to go with me and it was almost like I was in shock. I didn't know how I would feel I had waited so long. When I got the call it took me a second to realize it was a team. And when they told me it was just an unbelievable feeling.

My family started yelling, giving me hugs. My mom was crying. It was cool and I'm just so happy right now.

My phone wouldn't stop ringing after I got picked. At one point I was doing an interview for about five or 10 minutes, and when I was done I had about eight or 10 voicemails, and a ton of text messages. It was cool how so many people were watching and everyone was really supportive. They were so proud and happy. I just feel really blessed to get his opportunity.

I'm flying out to Green Bay on Thursday morning and I'll be out there until next Sunday for a little rookie orientation, physicals, have a few meetings and kind of get started. I've kicked in the cold before in Colorado and I know it gets pretty rough up in Green Bay, but it's going to be a fun challenge and I'm just looking forward to it.

April 28, 2007

Waiting For My Time

I'm here with some family and friends over and we've been watching the draft. Every once in a while we cook up some food in the backyard, but we're trying to have a good time with it all. It's like a family reunion right now.

I've been watching the draft and the first round was extremely long. I'm just waiting and hoping for my chance to come up soon.

I've been getting great support from all my family and friends around me. They're looking forward to time when my name will be called and I'm looking forward to that even more.

The one thing about the first round is that is obviously didn't flow real well. There were a few guys who went a litlte earlier than they were expected to, but I think it worked out for him, like Brady Quinn. He's a good guy and I think he ended up in the place that he's supposed to be. He'll hopefully do some good things in Cleveland. I know he wanted to go early, but things happened the way they were supposed to. I think he loves the game and he's going to do some great things with the Browns.

I've been checking my phone frequently; I'm just ready to hear someone call my name. If it's not tonight, I'll deal with it. I can't really worry about it. I'd be a little disappointed if I didn't go on the first day. I think I've worked hard and done some good things to be taken on the first day. If it doesn't happen, I'll be alright, but hopefully it'll be meant to be. Going on the first day is not going to make our break what I'm going to accomplish in the NFL. I'm going to do great things.

April 27, 2007

Ready For The Wait

Right now I've just been hanging out with some of my family and friends. I played golf today, trying to take my mind off the draft. I know that I've done everything I can do to be prepared and go as high as a I can and get on that team for next year.

I'm at ease right now. I'm sure I'll wake up tomorrow a little excited and anxious. But right now I'm trying not to think about it too much. There's really nothing I can do at this point.

I'm not trying to stay away from the draft at all. I like to listen to it and watch it. I'm so ready for it and excited about it. This weekend is going to be more relaxed than a lot of others. I've been working hard up until this point and working toward next season. This will be a little break and a chance to reboot for the next step.

All my friends in the draft that I've talked to are anxious and ready for this process to be over and know what's going to happen. If anyone else is nervous or feeling something else, they haven't been saying aything. I know a couple of guys that are a little anxious and excited. I feel like there's nothing to be nervous about.

At the beginning of this process, I didn't know how I'd feel this weekend. This whole spring has been a whirlwind. Now that it's here it's just like,"Wow. It's here. It's happening this weekend." All the stuff I've been doing, my mind wasn't necessarily on this moment, but now that it's here I'm just ready for it to happen. I'm confident.

Tomorrow I'll be pretty excited. I've watched the draft every year and tomorrow will be pretty different. I'll have all my family here. It's almost like we're having a family reunion-type thing and I'll have some of my friends here. We're just going to watch it, wait for that call that wants to pick me and have a good time. It's going to be a crazy waiting process, but I'll just try to keep my mind at ease and keep busy at times. It'll be a little frustrating and anxious at times, but I'm just trying to enjoy the moment. It's going to be a little while waiting so I'll settle in.

April 25, 2007

Little Golf Before The Draft

I went out and golfed yesterday. I shot an 82. It wasn't my best day out there - I missed some putts that I should have been making and I haven't been playing so I was rusty.

I've been kicking, Monday and today, feeling really good, continuing to work out and stay in shape. Now I'm getting a lot of calls from teams for my draft day phone numbers, making sure that they can get a hold of me on draft day. It's all coming into reality, all coming into light and that's a cool thing. I think my emotions right now are like, "It's really about to happen." I can feel it a little more than all spring. I've been doing it, I've been focused and now I'm just getting really excited.

I've seen a few mock drafts and my parents look at that stuff. But I let them worry about that more than I do. I've just kind of listened to when teams call me and talk to them. I'm just trying to leave it open. I can't really do anything about it now. They look around and say some teams put me here in the third round or the fourth round or whatever. But that's kind of what I'm thinking, second to fourth round is where I've been kind of slotted and I'm just praying and hoping and feeling like that's going to happen.

I think there are a few teams out there that have me on their watch list and list of guys they want to draft. I've just got to hope that one of those teams pulls the trigger on the first day. But any situation that I would come in I would like for there to be expectations. I want them to expect for me to come in and perform and contribute right away because that's what I'm expecting to do and I've always had high expectations for myself.

The next couple of days I'll have some of my family come into town and try to keep my mind off it by working out, doing my thing and staying focused and ready for Saturday. Then Saturday will come, I'll take a little breather and then work for mini-camps and training camps in the near future.

April 22, 2007

Phone Doesn't Stop Ringing

I've been talking to a lot of teams, getting phone calls where they're just checking up on me to see if I'm still healthy and talking about draft day numbers. It's really exciting and crazy; it's a week away and I'm just getting pumped.

I've talked to the Steelers, the Chiefs and the Rams, who called today. There's been a few other teams and it seems like every other day I get a call checking up to see what's going on. The conversations right now are pretty quick, they're just trying to get some basic information like asking what other teams are you talking to, are you healthy and one guy asked me if I had been arrested since that last time I talked to him. I told him no. They'll just throw out some random ones at times and you're just like, "Ah, no." But that's kind of how this whole process has been, trying to test you at every point. It's cool whenever a team calls and it gets me excited about next week.

I wish I had more of a good, solid feel of where I'll end up next week. Its kind of like whichever team pulls the trigger first that's kind of where my mindset is. I'm not reallying getting too bogged down about specific teams. I know the teams that are interested and the teams that are looking. I'm just hoping one of them pulls the trigger really early.

Lately, I've been working out, kicking some and feeling pretty good. I went on a run yesterday and tried to just keep my mind off things and stay excited about it all. The first couple of days this week I'll kick on Monday and get a good workout in, get some good running in. I think I'm going to play golf on Tuesday, get out there and swing a little. I'll be able to rest my legs and then I'll probably go back out and kick again Wednesday. We'll see how many more times I get to kick this week, maybe three times.

April 19, 2007

Now A Colorado Alum

I just got back from the Colorado Spring Game last weekend and it was good to get out there and watch the whole team and see the new guys play. I have to say they looked pretty good. I twas funny to see the future from a different perspective. I guess I'm an alumni now.

It was different not being able to go in there and get ready to kick a field goal. But it was just awesome that I was honored while I was up there. Now my name will always be up in the stadium. It's kind of cool to know you'll always have your name in the stadium some where. I'm just really blessed to have had the opportunity. It showed all the hard work I put into it my career at Colorado and I guess it officially marked the end of my college career.

I'm still just kicking for right now and working out. I'm trying to spend as much time with my family and friends as I can because it's about to get crazy. I find out where I'm headed to next week and then I'm off and gone for a while, not sure when I'll get a chance to be with them again. I continue to stay focused but I'm having fun and enjoying the process. I'm excited about this and definitely not worrying about it.

The last couple of weeks I've been talking to a lot of teams. I talked to a few guys who wanted to make sure I was still healthy and getting my draft day numbers. It's really been a fun process so far.

With the draft next weekend, next week is probably going to be crazy.

April 13, 2007

Back To Boulder For Big Honor

Last week, I went to this camp in Reno. It was just a kicking camp run by Paul Assad who's worked with Sebastian Janikowski and other guys in the NFL. I was getting tired of kicking on my own down in Texas so I thought it would be a good opportunity to go out there and kick with some other guys, have some fun and get back into feeling good.

It was fun, friendly competition. I got to know Clint Stitser, from Fresno State. We really hit it off and he's actually from Reno. We were having some fun, friendly competition, just goofing around, hitting the ball and not having a lot of pressure. I made a little tape and film to keep teams interested and keep looking.

There was a free agent thing while I was there in Reno and I talked to a few special teams coaches from the NFL. I've continued to have contact with a number of teams. I've sent out some things, some DVDs, letters that talk about myself a little more to keep teams thinking about me and know that I'm still working. I'm dedicated to getting better and I'm confident with everything I'm doing. I'm having fun with it and I'm not stressed.

It was good talking to some of them NFL coaches and getting their opinion on things. They told me some things that I can work on and improve on, learning and getting better. Most of the things guys have told me to work on has been about kickoffs, refining some of my steps. Sometimes you need a little reminder and breather to get back on track.

I've basically been getting prepared for a season now. This whole time has been getting ready for the draft, doing all these events. But in my mind now, I took the approach like every team right now in college with spring practice. I need to look at everything as preparation for the season next year.

This weekend, I'm heading back up to Colorado for the spring game. I haven't been up there since Pro Day. I'm fortunate enough to have the honor of having my name put up on the stadium. I'm probably going to talk a little bit at the game. It's just such an honor; I'm so blessed to have this opportunity. It's been crazy how these four years have blown by and one of my goals and dreams was to have my name up on the stadium and now it's happening. That's pretty awesome.


Mason Crosby Mason Crosby
Considered one of the nation's premier kickers, the former Colorado Buffalo is known for his big leg and supreme accuracy. His 60-yard field goal is a Colorado record and holds the NCAA record for the longest field goal without a tee (58 yards at Miami). He's Colorado's all-time leading scorer.

Crosby's hobbies range from hunting, fishing, hiking and basketball to golf where he's the proud owner of a single-digit handicap. And he was born to be an athlete. His father was a fullback at Texas-El Paso in the 70s and his grandfather ran track at Marshall.