Extra Points: Back To Boulder For Big Honor

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Back To Boulder For Big Honor

Last week, I went to this camp in Reno. It was just a kicking camp run by Paul Assad who's worked with Sebastian Janikowski and other guys in the NFL. I was getting tired of kicking on my own down in Texas so I thought it would be a good opportunity to go out there and kick with some other guys, have some fun and get back into feeling good.

It was fun, friendly competition. I got to know Clint Stitser, from Fresno State. We really hit it off and he's actually from Reno. We were having some fun, friendly competition, just goofing around, hitting the ball and not having a lot of pressure. I made a little tape and film to keep teams interested and keep looking.

There was a free agent thing while I was there in Reno and I talked to a few special teams coaches from the NFL. I've continued to have contact with a number of teams. I've sent out some things, some DVDs, letters that talk about myself a little more to keep teams thinking about me and know that I'm still working. I'm dedicated to getting better and I'm confident with everything I'm doing. I'm having fun with it and I'm not stressed.

It was good talking to some of them NFL coaches and getting their opinion on things. They told me some things that I can work on and improve on, learning and getting better. Most of the things guys have told me to work on has been about kickoffs, refining some of my steps. Sometimes you need a little reminder and breather to get back on track.

I've basically been getting prepared for a season now. This whole time has been getting ready for the draft, doing all these events. But in my mind now, I took the approach like every team right now in college with spring practice. I need to look at everything as preparation for the season next year.

This weekend, I'm heading back up to Colorado for the spring game. I haven't been up there since Pro Day. I'm fortunate enough to have the honor of having my name put up on the stadium. I'm probably going to talk a little bit at the game. It's just such an honor; I'm so blessed to have this opportunity. It's been crazy how these four years have blown by and one of my goals and dreams was to have my name up on the stadium and now it's happening. That's pretty awesome.

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Mason Crosby Mason Crosby
Considered one of the nation's premier kickers, the former Colorado Buffalo is known for his big leg and supreme accuracy. His 60-yard field goal is a Colorado record and holds the NCAA record for the longest field goal without a tee (58 yards at Miami). He's Colorado's all-time leading scorer.

Crosby's hobbies range from hunting, fishing, hiking and basketball to golf where he's the proud owner of a single-digit handicap. And he was born to be an athlete. His father was a fullback at Texas-El Paso in the 70s and his grandfather ran track at Marshall.