Extra Points: Little Golf Before The Draft

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Little Golf Before The Draft

I went out and golfed yesterday. I shot an 82. It wasn't my best day out there - I missed some putts that I should have been making and I haven't been playing so I was rusty.

I've been kicking, Monday and today, feeling really good, continuing to work out and stay in shape. Now I'm getting a lot of calls from teams for my draft day phone numbers, making sure that they can get a hold of me on draft day. It's all coming into reality, all coming into light and that's a cool thing. I think my emotions right now are like, "It's really about to happen." I can feel it a little more than all spring. I've been doing it, I've been focused and now I'm just getting really excited.

I've seen a few mock drafts and my parents look at that stuff. But I let them worry about that more than I do. I've just kind of listened to when teams call me and talk to them. I'm just trying to leave it open. I can't really do anything about it now. They look around and say some teams put me here in the third round or the fourth round or whatever. But that's kind of what I'm thinking, second to fourth round is where I've been kind of slotted and I'm just praying and hoping and feeling like that's going to happen.

I think there are a few teams out there that have me on their watch list and list of guys they want to draft. I've just got to hope that one of those teams pulls the trigger on the first day. But any situation that I would come in I would like for there to be expectations. I want them to expect for me to come in and perform and contribute right away because that's what I'm expecting to do and I've always had high expectations for myself.

The next couple of days I'll have some of my family come into town and try to keep my mind off it by working out, doing my thing and staying focused and ready for Saturday. Then Saturday will come, I'll take a little breather and then work for mini-camps and training camps in the near future.

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