Extra Points: Phone Doesn't Stop Ringing

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Phone Doesn't Stop Ringing

I've been talking to a lot of teams, getting phone calls where they're just checking up on me to see if I'm still healthy and talking about draft day numbers. It's really exciting and crazy; it's a week away and I'm just getting pumped.

I've talked to the Steelers, the Chiefs and the Rams, who called today. There's been a few other teams and it seems like every other day I get a call checking up to see what's going on. The conversations right now are pretty quick, they're just trying to get some basic information like asking what other teams are you talking to, are you healthy and one guy asked me if I had been arrested since that last time I talked to him. I told him no. They'll just throw out some random ones at times and you're just like, "Ah, no." But that's kind of how this whole process has been, trying to test you at every point. It's cool whenever a team calls and it gets me excited about next week.

I wish I had more of a good, solid feel of where I'll end up next week. Its kind of like whichever team pulls the trigger first that's kind of where my mindset is. I'm not reallying getting too bogged down about specific teams. I know the teams that are interested and the teams that are looking. I'm just hoping one of them pulls the trigger really early.

Lately, I've been working out, kicking some and feeling pretty good. I went on a run yesterday and tried to just keep my mind off things and stay excited about it all. The first couple of days this week I'll kick on Monday and get a good workout in, get some good running in. I think I'm going to play golf on Tuesday, get out there and swing a little. I'll be able to rest my legs and then I'll probably go back out and kick again Wednesday. We'll see how many more times I get to kick this week, maybe three times.

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Mason Crosby Mason Crosby
Considered one of the nation's premier kickers, the former Colorado Buffalo is known for his big leg and supreme accuracy. His 60-yard field goal is a Colorado record and holds the NCAA record for the longest field goal without a tee (58 yards at Miami). He's Colorado's all-time leading scorer.

Crosby's hobbies range from hunting, fishing, hiking and basketball to golf where he's the proud owner of a single-digit handicap. And he was born to be an athlete. His father was a fullback at Texas-El Paso in the 70s and his grandfather ran track at Marshall.