Average Car, Star Player

PISCATAWAY, N.J. - As a consumer motorist I don't know if I'm buying myself a Kia, as a women's basketball writer, Kia is definitely the way to go.

Vaughn is an All-American and Wade Trophy candidate, but as of 13:51 to go in the game, Vaughn had zero points and three fouls in her first game of the new season.

But Vaughn took her next feed inside and made a good basketball move, getting fouled in the process. Vaughn hit one of two free throws for her first points.

Stanford's Pedersen picked up her fourth foul shortly after at the 13:52 mark and the open space created inside was joyfully taken up by Vaughn, who scored her first field goal of the game, one that tied the score at 42.

Unfortunately, Jayne Appel answered immediately for the Cardinal, who regained and still keep the lead, 44-42, with 12:17 to go in the game.

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