Bicep Curls

TAMPA - Shannon Bobbit just drove the lane, made a sick move and layed it in over two people - keep in mind she's 5-foot-3 - and was fouled.

For her effort, Candace Parker ran over to the miniscule point guard and lifted her with two hands underneath her armpits. Basically, Parker did a bicep curl with Bobbitt as her free weight.

Meanwhile, OU keeps punching back, with Jenna Plumley, OU's version of a little person, nailing a big-time 3-pointer to tie up the score.

And back on the other side of the court, Bobbitt knocked down another three. Where would Tennessee be without Bobbitt this half? Try down as many as 12 points, as the tiny PG has three big threes, a two and a foul shot already and has amassed 17 points on the night at Tennessee leads, 48-47, with 13:28 to play.

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