Fouled Out, Bowled Over

TAMPA - USF might be down 47-18 with still 17:44 to play in the game, but the Bulls do lead the Blue Devils in tackles.

Oh, wait, wrong sport.

Center Jessica Lawson had four fouls already at the 18 minute mark when a pass to Wanisha Smith was broken up by solid hip check, sending the ball, and Smith, flying towards the Duke bench.

With Smith writhing in the floor in pain, Lawson didn't even look at the pain she had inflicted, she just continued walking towards her bench, knowing that she just fouled out of the game with her team only scoring 18 points.

Lawson was the team's leading scorer in their first game, and without her, their already huge disadvantage in the size category takes an even larger hit.

I just don't think the Bulls have this one.

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