Heels coming together, Devils struggling

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- It seems like every time the Sun Devils hit a big 3-pointer to cut Carolina's lead to a point, something happens to the Tar Heels, and they respond by remembering how to make good passes and play together on offense -- something that wasn't happening very much in the first half.

After having only four assists in the first half, Carolina is really starting to make better passes that are leading to layups or free throws. And as that is happening, Arizona State keeps making some of the same simple mistakes it did in the first half -- like two traveling violations in a three-possession stretch just before the 12-minute mark.

It certainly isn't helping the Sun Devils that they have missed 12 of their first 15 shots of the second half. But UNC coach Sylvia Hatchell yelled "defense!" to her team at the start of the half, and it appears the players are listening.

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