Orange and Blue

TAMPA - The game is USF against Duke.

The colors involved should be gold, green, blue and white. So why do I see so much Tennessee Orange?

The Lady Vols fans certainly can travel and they are the predominant makeup of the crowd. Right now I am looking across the court in the stands and I see two colors, blue (the empty seats) and orange (the Lady Vol faithful).

As for the game, Duke keeps subbing like no player can be on the court for more than a few minutes at a time. But whatever they are doing, it is working against the Bulls as they lead, 21-11, with 10:26 to go in the first half.

The scoring has been fairly even for the Blue Devils, but you can tell that Chante Black is the most dominant player on the court right now.

I wanted to get a good look at freshman center Krystal Thomas, but she came in the game at the 13:56 mark and promptly left with two fouls shortly thereafter.

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