Parker Over Paris

TAMPA - Candace Parker asserted her dominance over Courtney Paris in a two possession span.

First, Parker went up for an offensive rebound with Paris and simply grabbed the ball out of Paris' grasps like a grown up taking candy from a baby. Parker then did a nifty dribble and went back up for the score.

Then, at the other end, when Paris tried to answer with a lay in of her own, Parker came flying out of nowhere to emphatically block the shot. OK, so the refs called a foul, but everyone in the arena, including Oklahoma got the point.

But you can't count this Oklahoma group out. Freshman Danielle Thompson got a defensive rebound and took the ball coast to coast to lay it in in traffic and put the Sooners back into the game, 56-54, with just over eight minutes to play.

This one will not be a runaway, the Sooners are sticking around until the very end.

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