Baby Cardinal

PISCATAWAY, N.J. - With 11:14 remaining in the first half, and the score Stanford 15, Rutgers 13, by far the most impressive player on the court thus far is playing in only her second collegiate game.

Stanford's center Kayla Pedersen has nine points and four boards already and has been everywhere for the Cardinal, even hitting a three. Pedersen leads all scorers and rebounders.

Rutgers is getting a balanced attack, as they are used to, but Epiphanny Prince has looked excellent early and also has four rebounds, despite standing just 5-foot-9.

Stanford started out playing sloppy, but was able to increase the pace of the game and use their inside presence to grab the early lead.

Also, Rutgers' center Kia Vaughn went out at 12:39 remaining with her second foul of the game. Without Vaughn Rutgers doesn't have an answer for Stanford's inside game and will have to find ways to keep up in her absence.


How about Appel? She is showing no signs of a Sophomore Slump and staying tough despite Stanford being thin down low.

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