Scarlet Half

PISCATAWAY, N.J. - After the first half of the first game I have seen live in 2007-08, I can safely say that I am winded already.

What a fast-paced tempo to this game featuring two Top 10 teams. After one frame, Rutgers takes a 37-36 lead on an Essence Carson three with seconds to go.

The half went back and forth, with Stanford starting slow and then heating up when Rutgers' Kia Vaughn went to the bench with two fouls.

Rutgers, however, got on a roll fueled by the superior play of Sophomore guard Epiphanny Prince, who finished the half with 13 points and seven rebounds to lead the Knights.

Freshman center Kayla Pedersen ran the show for Stanford, able to take over fully when Vaughn went out. The youngster finished the half with 11 points and nine boards, one rebound shy of a double double. She also added two assists.

The stars for Stanford finished right behind their novice, with Jayne Appel dropping eight points and Candice Wiggins scoring nine.

Rutgers shot 50 percent from the field in the opening half, when compared to Stanford's near 37 percent, that is a big reason why the Knights went into halftime with the lead.

Kia Vaughn has yet to score but does have four blocks already, although she has been too aggressive since she has the two fouls. Essence Carson hit two big threes for the Scarlet Knights, and has 10 points at the break.

The second half should be more of the same frenetic, high-paced tempo that we saw in the opening stanza. These two teams can fly up and down the court and aren't afraid to sacrifice some sloppy play for the big highlight.

Stay tuned, this one is a long way from being decided.

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