Trading Up

TAMPA - Out of the gates at halftime, two different teams seem to be playing in this game.

Tennessee's Shannon Bobbitt has already nailed two threes and Ashley Paris, Danielle Robinson and Amanda Thompson are helping OU stay competitive with Courtney Paris in foul trouble.

In fact, staying competitive isn't all the Sooners are doing, they are winning, 42-40.

Both teams came out of the break firing on more cylinders then when they left, with Oklahoma seemingly scoring on every possession.

And it is just an enigma that Tennessee remains as competitive as they have been without Alexis Hornbuckle and Nicky Anosike - two players without which the Vols would not have won the national title last year - doing much of anything.

Hornbuckle has played sparingly in foul trouble and Anosike just can't seem to get it going.

And that hasn't changed as of yet in the second half.

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