Turning Tide

TAMPA - Tennessee has the lead. Courtney Paris has three fouls. Things are starting to go sour for Oklahoma, who once led 14-8.

Paris went out of the game with her third at the five minute mark and Candace Parker is just being Candace Parker for the Vols.

Tennessee needs to find some scoring elsewhere, Parker has 12 of their 24, but it just looks like no matter what the Sooners do, Tennessee is just a step better.

Without Paris in the game, the Sooners inserted Abi Olajuwon into the line up, but the sophomore daughter of NBA legend Hakeem hasn't lived up to the family name. She just doesn't look ready for big-time women's basketball at this level right now. Each time she gets the ball she doesn't go up strong in the post, instead many times having her shots blocked.

With just over two minutes remaining in the first half the score is Tennessee 25, Oklahoma 24. This game isn't over, but the tides have certainly took a turn in Tennessee's favor.

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