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After Georgia's 71-64 victory over Ga. Tech, the players and coaches had the following to say about today's game...

In front off 6,816 fans in Athens, the No. 7 Georgia Bulldogs (8-0) defeated Georgia Tech (5-1) 71-64, outscoring the Jackets by 15 in the second half. The Bulldogs were led by senior forward Tasha Humphrey, who had 21 points and 12 rebounds.

The Jackets were ahead 33-25 at half time, and were keeping Georgia off balance in the first half with an up tempo high pressure defense. In the second half, the Bulldogs made adjustments and hit many shots from the outside to put the game back in their favor.

The Bulldogs shot 14-21 in the second half, compared with shooting 9-30 in the second half. They hit four second half three point field goals, and also hit 14-16 free throws down the stretch to seal the victory.

For Georgia Tech, freshman guard Iasia Hemingway was the difference maker in the first half, and was the team's leading scorer with 22 points. However, 17 of those points came in the first half as she was ineffective in driving to the basket in the second half against the Bulldogs' zone defense.

Senior guard Chioma Nnamaka scored 18 points (14 in the second half) to keep the Jackets in the game. 9 of those points came from behind the 3-point line. While those shots helped to keep Tech in contention, it was not enough to give them the advantage.

The key moments were between the last five minutes of the first half, and the first five of the second half. Before heading to the locker room, Georgia Tech went on an 11-3 run aided by Hemingway's success in driving the lane. Many of those opportunities came off of Georgia turnovers that were forced by Tech's trapping defense.

In the first five minutes of the second half, it was clear that the Bulldogs would have no more of that. They scored the first five points of the half to bring the game within three at 33-30. From there, Georgia was able to beat the press by making long passes down the sidelines and up the middle of the floor.

While Georgia was able to come back from behind and win this game, one thing was made clear by tonight's action. Georgia Tech has closed the gap in this rivalry series that has been dominated by the Bulldogs completely.

The Bulldogs will continue their schedule next Sunday with an afternoon match-up against Davidson. Meanwhile, the Jackets will try to get back on the winning track with a game Thursday night against USC Upstate.

For Georgia Tech

#24 UGA Tasha Humphrey:

On Tech's press: "They had been pressing all yeaer, so we expected it."

On Hemingway's performance: "We gave her a chance to drive too many times in this game and she took advantage of it."

On the rivalry: "It means everything. I don't think there is anything like Georgia-Georgia Tech."

#1 UGA Ahsley Houts

On free throw shooting down the stretch: "We knew that it was key. As a team, we had been struggling...We knew that it was a close game, and knew that we had to hit those free throws at the end to win."

On playing against Tech's press defense: "It was hard. They were face guarding me all game, and attacking the ball well. Our game plan carried through though and we were able to make some key plays to get the win."

On how UGA beat the press in the 2nd half: "We made some halftime adjustments by sending more people down the sideline and up the middle. In the first half, we were rushed. We slowed things down in the 2nd half and got control of the game."

On shooting better from the outside in the 2nd half: "When things are going well inside, the kick outs start to get open on the outside. You have to learn to relax and not rush your shots."

GT Coach MaChelle Joseph

"It was a battle out there; there's no doubt about it. Igive both teams credit. I think both teams played their hearts out there. I'm very proud of my team and the way they competed. We had some freshmen step up big in a big game and do some great things out there."

On UGA's zone defense in the 2nd half: "They started forcing us back to the top of the key. We srettled for jumpers on the outside instead of driving to the rim."

On missing open shots: "We had 70 shots, and missed a lot of open looks from the free throw line and from the outside."

On Iasia's success: "I wish it was a part of the game plan, but Iasia just did most of the work on her own today."

On the rivalry: "We look forward to the challenge of playing Georgia. Whether they want to admit it or not, this is a battle."

UGA Coach Andy Landers:

"I think we played better than Tech in the second half. We rebounded very well in the second half and shot free throws well coming down the stretch. We probably shouldn't have made all of those turnovers, but we fought through those mistakes."

On the rivalry, coach Landers noted that while Tech has made the games closer over the past five years, the games overall importance still lacks what their games against LSU, Tennessee and Vanderbilt have.

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