Rutgers With Fire

PISCATAWAY, N.J. - Rutgers came out with a lot of fire in the opening minutes of this one. But one very amusing thing happened before the ball was even tipped.

During the Maryland team announcement, Maryland's Crystal Langhorne was introduced. She ran onto the court and did a chest bump with Jade Perry. Langhorne came down awkward and lost her balance, falling on her backside. The senior got a big laugh, as did her teammates, as she got up embarassed and hugged Perry after.

As for the game, Rutgers has been the more physical team in the first few minutes, jumping for loose balls on the floor, and using their defense to make Maryland look shaky.

The Terps have already had a defensive three second turnover and an offensive foul. And the early score is 6-4 Scarlet Knights.

Epiphanny Prince made the move of the year for Rutgers, scoring on a sick hesitation dribble to make Laura Harper fall to her knees and open up a wide-open lane for the score.

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