Bears 3, Sun Devils 0

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- With a 65-61 semifinal win, 3-0 is the final score of the meetings between Cal and ASU for the 2007-08 season.

After shaking of an slight ASU lead at the half, Cal came into the second half and opened up a shooting assault on the Sun Devils to take a comanding lead. With as much as ASU tried to fight back and stay in the game with a 14-6 run in the final four minutes of the game, Cal was able to hold on to secure the win.

"I'm just so proud of my team as this was one of those hard fought games that you play in March," said Cal coach Joanne Boyle. "To have two of them back-to-back, we are fortunate to have come out on top and looking forward to sitting in the stands and being able to watch as the first team to get to the championship game."

Cal got hot in the second half with their 46.2% shooting to help them be the first team in tomorrow nights championship game.

Leading all scorers for Cal was Hampton with 19 points and 16 rebounds for her eighth double-double of the season. In addition, VItal shipped in with 14 points and three rebounds and Walker rounded out the double digit scorers with 10 points and 10 rebound for her 13th double-double of the season (leading the Pac-10) in a highly physical game.

"There were times for Ashley and I when it was pretty hard down there, but we love the contact and the physical play," said Cal's Hampton.

ASU had the hot hands during the first half with their 48% shooting, but had too many problems connecting with the bottom of the net in the second half and shot a mere 32.3% from the field.

"We struggled to score in the second half and Cal did a great job in coming out and establishing their inside game more effectively," said ASU coach Thorne. "We got away from doing things we wanted to do defensively and the combination of those things led to our demise."

ASU was led by Simon's 22 points. January finished with 15 of her own and Noe capped off the ASU double-digit scorers with 11 points.

Stay tuned, our second semifinal game of the day between Stanford and UCLA is under way as Stanford is slowing building their lead with a15-8 run in the first half.

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