February 10, 2008

No. 3 Tar Heels Sweep Tech With 75-61 Victory in Atlanta

ATLANTA - It was clear from the start that the Jackets would not allow North Carolina to control today's game from start to finish as they did in Chapel Hill earlier this year. However, the Tar Heels never relinquished the lead after picking it up in the last three minutes of the second half.

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Tar Heels Taking Over

ATLANTA - With 8:34 left to play, this game has reached a critical point. The Tar Heels lead 64-52 and it looks like the Jackets may have run out of answers. They have been relying heavily on the 3-ball with Chioma Nnamaka doing most of the shooting.

At this point, the Tar Heels appear to have taken away Tech's transition game advantage and have forced to Tech to rely completely on the outside jumper.

Tar Heels Respond

ATLANTA - After Tech closed the game up, North Carolina has responded by pushing the advantage back to eight. This battle has turned into a game of streaks. When the Tar Heels get out to a big lead, Tech pushes the game's tempo and is able to close that gap.

However, they have not been able to sustain it. Thus, North Carolina has just responded by bringing the game back into the half court giving them the distinct advantage.

With over 15 minutes remaining, North Carolina leads 53-47.

Carolina Regains Temp

ATLANTA - Alex Montgomery hit a three to open up the second half and bring the Jackets within one.

For the next two minutes, it was all North Carolina after they scored seven straight points to take a 49-41 advantage. The Tar Heels are now playing their style of game, and causing havoc inside the paint once more.

Jackets Close Gap Before Half

ATLANTA - At halftime, North Carolina leads Tech 42-38. After leading by as many as 11, the Jackets forced the pace back up again. By keeping the game in transition, Carolina was not able to use its size advantage at the end of the half.

While North Carolina has the speed and depth to run up and down the floor with Georgia Tech, it is clear that pushing the pace of the game gives the Jackets their best chance at an upset. Before today, North Carolina has won 11 straight games against the Jackets.

The Tar Heels have extra incentive to win today's contest as they could be move up in the polls with a win. Connecticut dropped a close decision to Rutgers earlier this week, and Tennessee will be playing that same Rutgers team tomorrow without the help of Candace Parker. With a Vols loss, the Tar Heels would move into the #1 slot.

Carolina's Run Continues

ATLANTA - The Tar Heels now lead 37-29 with 3:15 to play in the half. North Carolina is now on a 14-4 run with the only Tech points coming on two free throws from Iasia Hemingway and ...

It is clear that North Carolina is making use of their size advantage on offense. As a result, Tech has used more double teams leaving open shots on the perimeter. Needless to say, this has caused a lot of havoc for Tech's halfcourt defense. Look for Tech coach MaChelle Joseph to try and make some adjustments going into the locker room.

Tar Heels Take 1st Lead

ATLANTA - With under six minutes to play, the Tar Heels have the 30-27 lead on the strength of an 11-2 run.

Jackets Lead, Nnamaka Injured

ATLANTA - The Jackets lead 25-21 with just under eight minutes to play. Chioma Nnamaka hit a key three pointer to give Tech a six point advantage before Carolina picked up a bucket before the timeout.

While Nnamaka was able to hit that key three, she landed awkwardly on her left foot and turned her ankle. She is now sitting on the bench, but should return.

Pink Jackets Continue to Lead

ATLANTA - After the first timeout, it is clear that both coaches told their teams that the fast paced game they had played for the first five minutes could not be sustained. Both teams are getting more and more into their half court sets, with fewer transition opportunities.

With Chioma Nnamaka's three pointer, the Jackets have their largest lead at 16-10 with 13:14 to go. The Jackets never led in the rout that occured in Chapel Hill earlier this season, outside of picking up the first bucket of the game.

In today's contest, Georgia Tech is showing their support for breast cancer awareness with a "Think Pink" promotion today. The team is wearing pink jerseys and shorts, while many members of the crowd are donning pink t-shirts.

The score at the second media timeout is now Georgia Tech 17, North Carolina 13 withover 11 minutes to play.

Jackets, Tar Heels Underway

ATLANTA - In the first few minutes of this game, the Jackets and Tar Heels are content with running the floor. There have been many buckets in transition.

With 17:27 left in the first half, the game changed as the Jackets' Janie Mitchell was charged with an intentional foul after fouling Rashanda McCants from behind. With the score being 8-4 in Tech's favor, the intentional foul changed the game as

At the first media timeout, the game finally takes a break and allows everyone to take a collective breather. Georgia Tech leads North Carolina 13-10 with 15:15 to play in the first half.

December 02, 2007

Postgame Comments

After Georgia's 71-64 victory over Ga. Tech, the players and coaches had the following to say about today's game...

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Jackets Hanging Around

Athens, Ga. --- The score is now 13-11 UGA. The Bulldogs leading scorer is Tasha Humphrey with 7 points. However, she has been remarkably absent since the first timeout in this game.

Tech is now in control of the tempo of this game forcing UGA to play more transition offense, which takes away some of Humphrey's advantage. The Bulldogs are taking many long shots, and not hitting from that range.

Meanwhile, the Jackets plan so far has been to drive straight to the bucket. It will be interesting to see how the contrast between these two plays out the rest of the way.

First Timeout

ATHENS, Ga. - UGA's Tasha Humphrey is ball hawk right now. She is collecting everything that comes off of the glass on both the offensive and defensive ends of the floor. Tech's defense will need to collapse down on her in order to keep the Bulldogs from picking up easy buckets in the post.

The score s now 6-3 UGA with 15:46 to play in the first half.


ATHENS, Ga. -- Tasha Humphrey started the game off for Georgia by scoring the first four points of the game. The Jackets also started off aggressively, but not on the scoreboard. In the first minute and a a half of the game, Tech picked up three personal fouls.

With 17:30 to play in the first, the score is 4-0 UGA.

Good Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate

Athens, Ga. ---

The above title refers to the namesake of the rivalry between No. 7 Georgia(7-0) and Georgia Tech(5-0). When these two teams get together, it doesn't matter if they are playing horseshoes. The fans and players involved all know what is at stake in such a heated rivalry.

In the stands, the fans have already started chanting back-and-forth: "Yellow!" "Jackets!" "Georgia!" "Bulldogs!"

The host Bulldogs are the favorite in this match-up as they should be in dominating the series against Tech. The Lady Bulldogs are led by senior forward Tasha Humphrey. On the season, she is averaging 16.3 points and 8.7 rebounds per game.

The Lady Jackets will need a top performance out of their senior leader guard Chioma Nnamaka. She has averaged 20 points per game, and is the focus of Tech's scoring.

The game is a little under 15 minutes away, and Stegeman Coliseum is slowly filling in, with what looks to be a decent sized crowd.