January 13, 2008

Bonner, Outside Shooting Keys Auburn 82-52 Rout Over Georgia

Auburn, AL --- In a game that was meant to be a clash between two bitter rivals, the #22 Auburn Tigers dominated the #10 Georgia Bulldogs with the 82-52 victory.

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Huge Win In The Works

Auburn, AL --- While Auburn came into this game as the underdog, they have played like the a heavy favorite. With 3:47 to go, Auburn leads 76-44. Most of the starters on both sides are now out of the game, and it looks like both teams just want to get this one into the books.

For Georgia, the lone bright spot in this game has been the play of sophomore point guard Ashley Houts. She is the Bulldogs leading scorer with 15. She was 4-7 from the field, and hit all 7 of her free throw attempts. Meanwhile, Tasha Humphrey and Angel Robinson each combined for 11 points and eight fouls.

Four Auburn players have 12 points, but forward Dewanna Bonner was the MVP on both sides of the ball. She led Auburn in points with 21, and led them in rebounds with 13.

Today's almost certain victory for Auburn is their biggest win of the season besting their previous best of 75-69 over #14 Arizona State on this floor in early December. The Tigers appeared battle ready in today's contest as they played much tougher opponents in their non-conference schedule.

Meanwhile, Georgia will have to knock the rust off quickly as they head to Nashville for a big match-up against the Vanderbilt Commodores.

The Rout Is On

Auburn, AL --- With 6"01 to play in the game, Auburn has the 70-44 lead. The Tigers have al but put this game in the books. Taking a look at the Georgia bench, there is very little energy and the team appears to have come to the realization that this game is over.

While Tasha Humphrey has had significant minutes in the second half, even with four fouls, her effect on the game has been very minimal. Auburn's combination of Jordan Greenleaf and Dewanna Bonner has kept her off of the stat sheets for the most part.

Dewanna Bonner now has her double-double with 19 points and ten rebounds. Tigers junior guard Sherell Hobbs has also contributed in a major way with 10 points, most of qhich have come in the second half.

Auburn Taking Over The Game

Auburn, AL --- The score is now 56-37 Auburn. It is their biggest lead of the game. UGA's shooting woes continue as they have just not been able to hit much of anything from the outside.

Both of UGA's top forwards, Tasha Humphrey and Angel Robinson, have four fouls. Each of them are still playing, but obviously must do so tentatively in order to keep from being disqualified.

While Humphrey and Bonner have not been able to make their presence in the game, Auburn forward Dewanna Bonner has been dominant from inside the lane and on the outside. She leads the Tigers in points with 19, and is one rebound away from a double-double.

UGA, AU Trading Buckets

Auburn, AL --- With 15:13 left in the second half, Auburn is holding onto their 13 point advantage with the score standing at 50-37.

On the last bucket, Tasha Humphrey picked up her fourth foul when Auburn's senior guard Tamela McCorvey drove inside and drew the foul on her floater.

UGA will now have to rely on their guard play to get them back into this contest.

Tigers Pounce on Dogs Before Half

Auburn, AL --- At half time, the Auburn Tigers lead 42-29. They have dominated the pace of the game, and have played tenacious defense leading to many points off of turnovers.

If not for a late three pointer from UGA forward Megan Darrah, the Bulldogs would be down by 16. The biggest story for Georgia right now is their lack of presence on the inside. Auburn is outrebounding Georgia by a 21-14 margin even though the Tigers' tallest player on the floor is Dewanna Bonner at 6' 4". The task of picking up bals off the boards now becomes more difficult for Georgia as Tasha Humphrey has three fouls.

She leads the Tigers in scoring with 12 points. Bonner and the rest of the Tigers have hit five three pointers, and have shot the ball from the outside very well.

In order for Auburn to continue to pull off the upset at home, they will need to continue their defense and push the tempo of the game.

Tigers lead by 13

Auburn, AL --- With 3:01 to play, Auburn leads 36-23. Auburn's fast start has slowed down a good bit on the offensive end as they are shooting less from the outside, turning the ball over more and not creating as many fast break opportunities.

Georgia continues to settle for the outside show though and has not been able to take advantage of their size advantage over the Tigers. The Bulldogs interior presnce in Angel Robinson and Tasha Humphrey has ben very limited. They have combined for four points, and Humphrey is on the bench now with three fouls.

Bonner, Tigers Making It Rain

Auburn, AL --- So far, Auburn is shooting the lights out. With 11:21 to go in the half, Auburn has extended their lead to 23-11. The Tigers have hit four threes with Dewanna Bonner responsible for two of them. Her point total is up to ten for the half.

Meanwhile, Georgia has not been able to put much of anything in since the first timeout. Tasha Humphrey has just two points on the day, and she is being heavily guarded. With the rest of the team unable to shoot from the outside, UGA may need to look to their sophomore point guard Ashley Houts to drive the ball inside to create offensive opportunities.

Right now, it is all Auburn though and that won't change unless Georgia slows down the pace of this game and starts shooting better.

Tigers Lead Early

Auburn, AL --- Auburn's Dewanna Bonner has gotten the Tigers off to a fast start. At the first timeout, Auburn leads 11-7 over Georgia with the help of her five points. Tamela McCorvey also has a three.

For Georgia, they have been unable to set up in the half court offense. Auburn has been controlling the tempo early, and has been pushing the all up and down the floor. While Tasha Humphrey and Angel Robinson, UGA's big contributors on the inside, have been around the ball quite a bit and have been able to pick up the rebounds they usually get to. However, they have not been able to put the ball into the basket.

With 15:05 remaining in the first half, Auburn leads 11-7.

December 02, 2007

Postgame Comments

After Georgia's 71-64 victory over Ga. Tech, the players and coaches had the following to say about today's game...

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Bulldogs Win

Athens, Ga. --- The final score from here in Athens is 71-64. Georgia outscored the Jackets by 15 points in the second half with the help of four second half 3-point shots and ten free throws from guard Ashley Houts. I will return with post game remarks...

Free Throws Sinking Tech

Athens, Ga. --- After shooting 62% from the charity stripe over the first 30 minutes of the game, the Georgia Bulldogs have really put this game away with their free throw shooting at the end. Sophomore forward Angel Robinson hit two to put UGA up by 6 with 35 seconds to go.

After a quick bucket by Tech, the game is back to four and the Dogs are going back to the line after another quick foul. The score is UGA 65-61 with 30 seconds to play.

UGA Finishing the Game

Athens, Ga. --- Free throws have been the key for Georgia down the stretch. The Bulldogs are now in the bonus with 38 seconds left to play. They lead by four 63-59 as guard Ashley Houts has hit six free throws to keep the Bulldogs ahead.

Meanwhile, on defense they are playing a 2-3 zone which hass completely shut down Tech's Hemingway.

Georgia Takes the Lead

Athens, Ga. --- UGA takes their first lead of the second half at 56-54 with a three from senior guard Megan Darrah. The Bulldogs have now hit four threes in the second half, and that has been the difference to this point.

With 3:21 to go in the game, the Jackets have tied it back up with a jump shot by Tech's senior forward Janie Mitchell. She currently has the hot hand for the Jackets as she has scored their last two buckets.

Georgia has the ball after the timeout with a chance to retake the lead. It has been a second half controlled by the Bulldogs.

Going Down To The Wire...

Athens, Ga. --- The score is now 51-49 with Georgia Tech still ahead. However, the Bulldogs have looked like the stronger team over the last three minutes. They are controlling the tempo of the game now, as GT's trapping defense has not had as many opportunities to create turnovers.

Nnamaka Leads Tech

Athens, Ga. --- Georgia Tech has now extended their lead to 49-42. Iasia Hemingway's two point layup and Chioma Nnamaka's three from the outside have helped to start the Jackets' latest run.

With 9:19 to play in the game, UGA must find a way to to beat Tech's trapping defense. Otherwise, the Jackets women's basketball team will travel back to Atlanta with one of the biggest wins in recent history.

Jackets Retake Lead

Athens, Ga. --- With 10:56 to play, the Jackets lead 44-42 over UGA. They responded well to UGA hitting two threes by continuing to play high pressure defense. As the game continues, that defense will become even more of a factor.

Houts...For Three!

Athens, Ga. --- The game is now tied at 35 as UGA's sophomore point guard Ashley Houts just sank a wide open three. Both teams have struggled from the outside all day long, but UGA is starting to find their touch as they sank two 3-point shots in the second half.

As I just typed this, the temp has increased to a frenetic pace. Both teams have hit two threes and the crowd is getting more into the game. More to come...

Bulldogs Off To Fast 2nd Half Start

Athens, Ga. --- With 15:47 to play in the second half, the score is now 35-32 with Ga. Tech still ahead.

However, the story is the 7-2 run that the UGA is on coming out of the locker room. They are in control of the tempo, and have been able to get the ball inside against Tech early on.

UGa's Angela Puleo also hit a key three point shot to bring the Bulldogs within three of the Jackets. In order for Tech to stop this run, they will need to go back to high pressure defense they played in the first half.

Jackets Late First Half Run

Athens, Ga. --- Going into the locker room, the Jackets are poised to make an upset bid as they lead at half time 33-25. To finish the half, Tech went on a 11-3 run. The game so far has revolved around the number 34.

UGA's #34 Tasha Humphrey has been the difference maker when she has had the ball. She is the Dogs leading scorer 12 points. Unfortunately for the Bulldogs, Tech's stingy defense has doubled down on her and forced Georgia to run the floor with them. This has kept UGA from taking advantage of their size advantage on the interior.

For GT, #34 freshman guard Iasia Hemingway has 17 first half points, and was a key factor in Tech's run going into the locker room. She played intense defense to pick up many fast break points, and was successful in driving to the basket in the Jackets' half court set.

For Tech, they need to continue with more of the same in order to win. For UGA, they need to find some way to get Tasha Humphrey involved with the offense again.

Jackets Hanging Around

Athens, Ga. --- The score is now 13-11 UGA. The Bulldogs leading scorer is Tasha Humphrey with 7 points. However, she has been remarkably absent since the first timeout in this game.

Tech is now in control of the tempo of this game forcing UGA to play more transition offense, which takes away some of Humphrey's advantage. The Bulldogs are taking many long shots, and not hitting from that range.

Meanwhile, the Jackets plan so far has been to drive straight to the bucket. It will be interesting to see how the contrast between these two plays out the rest of the way.

First Timeout

ATHENS, Ga. - UGA's Tasha Humphrey is ball hawk right now. She is collecting everything that comes off of the glass on both the offensive and defensive ends of the floor. Tech's defense will need to collapse down on her in order to keep the Bulldogs from picking up easy buckets in the post.

The score s now 6-3 UGA with 15:46 to play in the first half.


ATHENS, Ga. -- Tasha Humphrey started the game off for Georgia by scoring the first four points of the game. The Jackets also started off aggressively, but not on the scoreboard. In the first minute and a a half of the game, Tech picked up three personal fouls.

With 17:30 to play in the first, the score is 4-0 UGA.

Good Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate

Athens, Ga. ---

The above title refers to the namesake of the rivalry between No. 7 Georgia(7-0) and Georgia Tech(5-0). When these two teams get together, it doesn't matter if they are playing horseshoes. The fans and players involved all know what is at stake in such a heated rivalry.

In the stands, the fans have already started chanting back-and-forth: "Yellow!" "Jackets!" "Georgia!" "Bulldogs!"

The host Bulldogs are the favorite in this match-up as they should be in dominating the series against Tech. The Lady Bulldogs are led by senior forward Tasha Humphrey. On the season, she is averaging 16.3 points and 8.7 rebounds per game.

The Lady Jackets will need a top performance out of their senior leader guard Chioma Nnamaka. She has averaged 20 points per game, and is the focus of Tech's scoring.

The game is a little under 15 minutes away, and Stegeman Coliseum is slowly filling in, with what looks to be a decent sized crowd.



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