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Georgia Trivia and Do You Wanna Meet Jennifer Love Hewitt?

For all of you out in Georgia Bulldog Nation and those Auburn fans who want to try to spoil it for us... there is a Trivia Tower Competition just for you... Show off your knowledge and love of Georgia Sports on CBS Sportsline's Trivia Tower.


Click on the link above and show America how much you love the Dawgs! You wouldn't want an Auburn fan winning...

Now to the second part... guys around America would salivate over this... A trip to Los Angeles, California with 7 of your friends, co-workers, relatives, or guys/girls you randomly picked up at a bar when you had way too much tequila. On this 3 day/ 2 night trip, of course it is all expense paid, but you will get the opportunity to tour the set of the show Ghost Whisperer and meet Jennifer Love Hewitt. You also get to hang out in L.A. and hit on all of the beautiful, enhanced women.

So if you want to win this opportunity, you gotta get in on the contest...


Oh yeah ladies, go to the Junkyard Cafe (on Baxter Street) and get a free baby doll tee with every purchase, but supplies are very limited or they probably have run out!

Takais is a Bulldog!

Takais Brown, a 6-8 245 lb. Power Forward from Southeastern Illinois, is coming to UGA. What does this mean for UGA Hoops??? Lots of good things! Felton proved that he can recruit well on the national stage and he has significantly upgraded this team. This acquisition puts more pressure on Felton and the Dawgs to perform. Felton doesn't have any excuses now for failure. During the past two years, expectations were low, but now this team must dance in the tournament. UGA now matches up very well with most of the SEC. Georgia beats out Purdue, UNLV, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Indiana for Takais' services. Felton has a lot more flexibilty and stability in his starting lineup. With the return of KJ and Woodbury from injury, this team should be ready to go in the frontcourt. Watch out SEC... here come the Dawgs! We can no longer fear Charles Rhodes or Al Horford!

Don't Overlook the Porkers

Quick thought:

The contenders for the SEC crown are clearly... Georgia, Auburn, LSU, Florida, and maybe Alabama. However, there is one team I feel can be a real dark horse and spoil things. I'm talking about the Arkansas Razorbacks. I don't often like to talk about other programs and hype about how good they are, but I feel Arkansas is a team worth watching this season. They get "reloading" USC at home, which should make for an interesting matchup. Arkansas has proven to have the best three-headed running attack in the country according to the statistics. McFadden, Felix Jones, and Peyton Hillis are all very dangerous running backs. The wide receivers are also pretty underrated, Marcus Monk and Cedric Washington have shown flashes of brilliance at times and are mature. Highly regarded freshmen Damian Williams and London Crawford will help shore up the wide receiver position woes of the past. Most of the offensive line starters are back and most of the starters on defense are back. Experience, pressure, and a new system that other SEC rivals have to prepare for are all benefits that the Hogs have going for them. The biggest question mark is at quarterback, which is a familiar problem that UGA fans face. There is a slew of talented quarterbacks with some experience and a top rated incoming freshman... sound familiar? Mitch Mustain has less of chance of starting for the Hogs this season than Matt Stafford because the competition that Mustain faces is much stiffer. Casey Dick and Alex Mortensen have put forth better performances than Joe Cox and JTIII have during the spring. However, Mustain is more familiar with the NEW Arkansas offense than Dick and Mortensen. If Arkansas can find some stability at quarterback and show defensive improvement when it counts (regular season), they can spoil a lot of teams' dreams of going to the Georgia Dome in December. Houston Nutt has a lot of pressure on him from boosters and the administration, which means he has to pull a Tommy Bowden or Tommy Tuberville situation out of his hat to save his job. I won't count out Arkansas from reaching the SEC Title game, but I don't believe it to be very likely. I would say that they have a 5-10% chance of making it to Atlanta.

I recognize I have received a lot of heat for my comments about UGA Hoops... I call it as I see it. Let's just say we all agree to disagree as a particular Southern Hero (Bill O'Reilly, a Long Islander) likes to say.

Simply Remarkable

I could talk about G-Day, but I don't thnk we learned too much about this football team yet. I'll wait until Western Kentucky to come up with an accurate assessment. I would like to start this blog entry by saying, "Yes, I'm biased towards basketball." I was talking to my friends and the subject of why UGA hoops is struggling came up. We were also talking about how strong the women's team was in spite of being behind the 8-Ball and Andy Landers' absolute lack of luck. We came up with all sorts of different explanations, but there was one reason that stood out and it made a ton of sense.

Florida won the National Championship, yep, there are going to be 4,000 fans in Starter Jackets at Stegeman Coliseum for our last basketball game in the Student Section. How pathetic... but that's a different story. The Gators didn't have a single five-star player coming out of high school on their team. They were built up of young 3 and 4 star talent. How did these guys manage to steamroll through teams with the five-star talent or equal talent to theirs? It's a simple blend of aggression and great chemistry. LSU also had good chemistry, but Florida was a great example of how great chemistry wins championships. Winning teams generally a great bond amongst players and coaches with the exception of the Oakland Athletics of the 1970s. So we thought about applying these concepts to UGA hoops. We didn't break down the numbers, but we just have a general, rough conversation about it. I'll break it down to a science...


Stukes - 2 Star (Scout.com)
Gaines - 3 Star (Rivals.com)
Toney - 4 Star (Scout.com)
Mercer - 5 Star (Rivals.com)
Humphrey - 3 Star (Rivals.com)

Terrance Woodbury - 3 Star (Rivals.com)


Idrissi - 2 Star (Scout.com)
Bliss - 2 Star (Scout.com)
Newman - 2 Star (Scout.com)
Johnson - 3 Star (Scout.com)
Singleton - 3 Star (Scout.com)

The talent is there. The chemistry is not. They don't share the ball and the team seems segregated based on position. I don't fault Felton because he is doing his best to keep this "dysfunctional" team together so that they can play his style of offense. There is a reason why Felton is always yelling at the guys. There is a marked lack of trust in abilities. I have heard stories about teammate blowups during pickup games at Ramsey. My friend who goes to Florida called me up to rub it in my face about the National Championship and I told him the day your team won a National Championship was the same day our players had a long, childish spat with one another. I would like to say that I'm wrong and that my sources are all wrong, but quite frankly, I don't think this team is one cohesive unit. Felton can't force this team to get along and play like a team on the court. Our offensive struggles are due to the fact that our players make it look like streetball against an organized defense. The fact that we won 15 games with the lack of chemistry is a credit to the talent that we have and game plan that Felton has put into place. We have been competitive against Tennessee, Florida, and we should have beat Auburn and Oregon State this year. Imagine if we had just played like a team the entire year... we could have been an 18-20 win team. Our scoring droughts were due to the fact that we share the ball very poorly. Hopefully, the addition of Albert Jackson and possible addition (cross your fingers and pray to God) Takais Brown can help develop trust.

This team is going to be dangerous next year if we get Takais Brown. The return of Kendrick Johnson and Terrance Woodbury can only make the team even better. The injury bug and freshmen errors are the major contributors to the lack of success this season. The starting lineup should look like this next season if we had Takais...


That's a pretty good starting five. I think that the additions to the frontcourt will help balance out the talent of this team. The guards had way too much stress put on them to perform. I'm more confident than most about next year. I was pretty realistic about this year's team, I figured we would go around 17-12 and we went 15-14. I'm willing to say that UGA hoops will have more success than our football team next year. I'm expecting a 9-3 season out of the football team and a 19-8 season out of the basketball team. We're talking regular season here. This will be the last basketball entry until we get confirmation of Takais Brown's decision and then I'll talk more about these guys in October for a preview of the season.

So enjoy football and baseball coverage on this blog.

Still Looking For The Real Killer...

The UCLA Dance Team has raised a lot of eyebrows... so I figured let's see the Dance Team site... I went there and I found a humorous result.

Check out this link: http://www.spirit.ucla.edu/04-05%20Spirit%20Squad/Nicole.htm

Apparently, somebody didn't buy the "Magic Bullet Theory." Also, why would you want to witness the murder of JFK in person? That was a gruesome scene... you actually see JFK's brain pop out. It's gross. Hey, it could be worse... she could be an attractive dancer turned annoying sideline reporter (Erin Andrews).

Big East-SEC Challenge

Yes, it is probably going to happen folks. Check out this link for the actual story from the NY Daily News http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/college/story/405065p-343052c.html

Let's go over some possibilities here (only 12 matchups we will presume):

Louisville vs. Kentucky Winner: UK
UConn vs. Florida Winner: Florida
Pittsburgh vs. LSU Winner: Depends if Tyrus Thomas and Glen Davis stay
West Virginia vs. Alabama Winner: Bama
Syracuse vs. Tennessee Winner: Cuse
Cincinnati vs. South Carolina Winner: Carolina
Notre Dame vs. Georgia Winner: UGA
Seton Hall vs. Mississippi State Winner: Mississippi State
Villanova vs. Arkansas Winner: 'Nova
Marquette vs. Ole Miss Winner: Marquette
Georgetown vs. Vanderbilt Winner: G-Town
Rutgers vs. Auburn Winner: Auburn

Those are the matchups I would like to see and the outcome I would expect. Looking forward to it if it happens!

Wow... The Final Four Sucked

If you're a fan of watching boring, terribly played basketball, the Final Four games that were played last night were perfect. However, if you're the other 99.99999% of America or not a UCLA or Swamp Trash fan, you were gouging yourself or you were really trashed. I chose to complain about how bad the games were the entire time. Quick rundown of the good and bad of watching this abomination of basketball...


Watching the games in HDTV definitely brought the game to life.

JIm Nantz did a good job calling the games.


We weren't paying attention after the first halves of both games...

HD is not good for those weight loss ads that feature the before photos.

UCLA vs. Florida... Who do you cheer for in the finals? I'm pulling for the meteor to hit.

Very disappointing compared to the previous 4 rounds.

Quick Hits

Here is some stuff that is going on:

1. Dave Odom wins his 3rd NIT Championship. Is this something really to be proud of? He has coached some pretty fine talent (Rodney Rogers, Randolph Childress, Tim Duncan, Carlos Powell, Renaldo Balkman, Tony Rutland, Loren Woods) and he has been pretty weak in the championship that matters. However, in the NIT, he is dominant. Very confusing. Gamecock fans were calling for his head this season, but he won't be gone because he is consistent at making South Carolina the 66th best team in the country.

2. Kelvin Sampson goes to IU. Kelvin Sampson is a good coach who will make Indiana a tough defensive team. However, MIke Davis was run out of town because he wasn't an Indiana guy. Kelvin Sampson isn't an Indiana guy! Still confused and bewildered by the decision. Indiana isn't going to win a national championship under Sampson, I guarantee it. Ohio State, Michigan State, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan are going to be too strong for Indiana.

3. Takais Brown, the cliffhanger saga continues. Our second option, Stuard Baldonado, is now being heavily recruited by Bob Huggins at Kansas State. K-State is going to be an interesting program to watch. The athletic program at K-State has been dead as of late. Huggins is no Bruce Pearl, but then again, nobody is. K-State is getting a bargain here. Takais come to UGA, I'm begging you. We need the post presence... I don't want to see us get dominated by Charles Rhodes ever again!

4. The Dunk Contest last night... If you watched it were you thinking that Rodney Carney may have actually hurt his draft position because of his awkward landing coming off a missed dunk? If I were a Top Ten draft pick, a silly Slam Dunk Contest is not worth risking my spot. We don't how if or how much damage Carney did to himself, but it wasn't good.

5. A little more on the homefront... You can't set up your tailgate before 7 AM on game days. We'll that sucks. Adams thinks his indirect measures are going to curb the party culture and help keep the campus cleaner. Adams' logic is way off... a mess is still a mess. You are going to have drunk fans all over the campus that are going to litter, vomit, urinate, and hopefully not defecate outside no matter what you do. People trash our campus because they are stupid enough to do so and they don't have to return to it for class on Monday. People don't trash our campus because they have been there overnight. I have seen the people who get there early, they use the trash containers! Problem is that trash containers are in short supply and students like to steal them on Fridays because they look cool for decorating their apartments. No joke. Adams is once again trying to fight something he can't win. It wouldn't shock me if the campus went dry for game days. That would create a lot of new dangerous and deceptive problems on this campus. One more thing, the Auburn game was cited as the worst this campus had been trashed. The Auburn game was a night game, which gives fans more time to be out tailgating. Whether or not this affects our scheduling future remains to be seen.

6. On a sad note, The Key is pretty much dead. Choosiing classes is now the equivalent of Russian Roulette.

UConn Fans: Confusing the World... One Dumb Comment at a Time

This is an anonymous UConn fan commenting my commentary about the horrific officiating in the UW-UConn game:

"Steve Lindell can kiss my Balzac, if he watched the UW game he would have seen a poor decision by the refs to call a double T. Just like it was a poor decision to T up Calhoun for throwing a ball to a ref that wasn't closest to him. If you don't think Washington fouled the crap out of UCONN, you didn't watch the game. Lindell writes for a blog for the same reason all blog writers write for blogs, they can't get writing jobs anywhere else.
Regarding this thread, I am on the Patriot bandwagon. If Nova had won I would be pulling for them, but GMU is a true Cinderalla and everyone pulls for the underdogs. Great game GMU - good luck in the final four."

My response to this is:
I watched the game clean and sober, if you (guy I quoted) watched the game... I doubt that you were in my condition. You can always watch a replay on the March Madness on Demand on cbs.sportsline.com to see how wrong you are. Then, you can come back and apologize on my blog for being stupid.

What We'll Remember March Madness For....

College football season and the bowls obviously have nothing on this year's NCAA Tournament. We have seen it all in this tournament and I thought it was tough to top last year's tournament. So here's to what we have seen thus far and hopefully we'll see some good stuff in the Final Four! Here are the major stories of the tournament...

Referees: Yes, they have been awful. I think the refs could have officiated the game better if they were on E or really really drunk. UConn-Washington, Washington-Illinois, LSU-Duke, Villanova-BC, UCLA-Gonzaga, and Kentucky-UConn were horribly called games. The UConn-Washington game was by far the worst officiated game I have ever seen. I thought Auburn-Georgia was bad, but that UConn-Washington game was pathetic. Shame on Raftery and Lundquist for not criticizing the referees. They were too busy brownnosing UConn to notice the sham right in front of them. Usually, these guys do a great job. I find Raftery very entertaining, I think he should do weddings. "You may now, kiss the bride!" Once that game went to OT, you knew UConn was going to win. Face it, 5 Washington players had fouled out. Two U-Dub players had four fouls! On the UConn side of things, only Marcus Williams and Denham Brown had four fouls.
Highlighted Ridiculous Called:

The phantom foul on Justin Dentmon. Dentmon didn't even touch Marcus Williams and Williams draws a foul by stumbling over his two feet. He follows this up by faking an injury. Yes, that's right I'm going there... he faked an injury. He started limping on the sideline after the play for a minute and then he gets on the floor and it is as if he never got hurt at all. Wasn't he limping and crying like a minute ago? Marcus Williams deserved a Razzie for that performance.

The goaltend. This was almost too obvious to call, but the refs dropped the ball. Lundquist and Raftery went wild about this horrible call. Apparently, rules just change on the fly whenever UConn or Duke is playing.

Dentmon being out of bounds after a defensive rebound. Dentmon was clearly shoved. Watch a replay and you'll see 3 UConn players surrounding him and one of them gives him a nice, hard shove out of bounds. Referee calls Dentmon out of bounds apparently disregarding the rulebook, which defines what a foul is.

The Double Technical Foul... Wow, nothing says "referee power trip" than a double technical foul. The double technical foul is the most pointless officiating call to make if a referee wants to impose order on the court. The double technical didn't hurt Rudy Gay, but it certainly hurt U-Dub and Brandon Roy. Roy was issued his 4th personal foul with 9 more minutes left in regulation.

The referees dominated the storyline of this game and robbed the better team of a victory. Lorenzo Romar's expression during the last 2 minutes of the game said it all. He looked like a guy who knew that no matter what he did or what his players did, his team was going to lose. The referees gave UConn an unfair advantage. If I were Romar, I would have went all Bobby Knight on the referees. What does he have to lose? He's going to get suspended for the first couple of cupcake games next season, big whoop! It might help recruiting... recruits might go, "Damn, this guy is a badass... he's cool!"

There must be accountability in officiating! I have never seen such poor officiating ever in college hoops until this season. It's time for Instant Replay in Basketball to challenge some of these ridiculous, ego-driven calls. Doug Shows that means you!

There's more....

Continue reading... »

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